My Role In Society

What I believe my role in society to be, is to draw the best out of my son. When I think back on the childhood I had I can see how my mom, and even my dad, had desired the same. I took for granted all the car rides to friends house and how they enrolled me in all those activities. I can see now how participating in organized sports and groups was designed to enhance my own independent growth.

I took for granted how my parents would drive all over the countryside and nearby towns just so we could get together once or twice a week to have fun and play. I suppose we could say that this is what is expected out of parents but I can see how this reality is even beginning to change. I am not saying that it is this way for everybody. I have seen one or two families in my timeline that have put their children first and lived to do the same.

I consider where they are in their lives and they are surrounded with love, light and incredible success. They truly lived by that mantra you become your surroundings as they surrounded their children with some of the best.

Realistically I am closer to over than I ever have been so why wouldn’t I help another being become all that they actually can. I want him to believe that he can move mountains and if he tries hard enough he can reach the sky. I want him to believe that he can achieve anything because all he has to do is use his mind.

Remember me? I was told I was worthless having friends that I thought I had telling me to do myself and others a favour and off myself as nothing in life would ever be the same. They couldn’t believe that I could move forward and heal from the damage that was dished out to me that all began happening when I was only 13.

I didn’t want my abuser to win but that is what would happen if I would hand over my torch. I wish people could see that as their abuser blows out their flame. They win when you allow them too relinquishing on the fact that they caused you so much pain. I win when I break the cycle severing it forever and leaving it broken so that we can live free embracing the warmth of another day.

Our future is our children and only the most ignorant among us will believe anything different. They can feel the energy that you emit when you are around them cursing their existence and claims of how they robbed you of your youth. That is not who I want to be or even how I want to be remembered. I want to be remembered for getting others to believe in themselves and having that burning desires to live their lives full.

There is nothing on Earth that I won’t believe that my son can achieve that he couldn’t master if he tried hard enough. I believe that to be true for anybody. What can you do in this life that you want to be remembered for? You even have the choice from doing evil or being good. How powerful is that? I think that is why there are so many hell bound and determined to try as they mite to manipulate the mind.

Try this little activity. As you are out and about doing as you do in your day try this little exercise in kindness. Any time a person looks at you let the next thing that escapes your lips be something kind. Compliment their being, their very existence but you have to be genuine in your words and what it is you say. Seems ridiculous doesn’t it. To the outside eyes looking in they would say the same but it works.

Even if you compliment materialistic things the way that a being feels about themselves begins to inflate. Take the pansies I saw at Wal-Mart and the greeter that was left smiling ear to ear. “These pansies are incredible! Do you now how long I have waited to see flowers as beautiful as these?” All true. I feel like I have waited a lifetime to see pansies bloom again and what happened after that was a domino affect. Smiles are infectious that I promise you and you must believe. I went straight from Wal-Mart to Starbucks and tried to spread the happiness once again.

“Is that your voice? You are so magically incredibly. You give me goosebumps with just your words you need to read something so the whole world can feel the same!” She was obviously stunning and beautiful and her smile was one that could just light up the room. I sat there in awe as I listened to her tell me to have a grand day and I hope my compliment would help her do the same.

That is who I want to be in this life, lifting others up in any way that I can. I want beings to believe that they can achieve their hopes and dreams without hurting each other and others with a little bit of modification along the way.

Of course we can’t all be rich or famous but we can redefine the way we feel about those things. We can find a new way to define our own happiness that the only most important people around us knows. Its possible if we relinquish all the preconceived notions that have made themselves our way.

If I believe in myself, my son will too. If I keep making moves towards my hopes and dreams and future I think he will think the same way too. We become our friends and even our surroundings that is why I am always careful in those I chose to call a friend. If we can’t see eye to eye and share a similarity or even have a thing in common then I think it is left up in the air around us to eventually settle and come to an end.


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