The Liar

The problem with the liar is you want to believe desperately in every single word that they say. Even when you know the words that they are speaking are untruthful you still hang in there to live another day.

I don’t like when my spider senses start taking off. That creep of doubt that begins to make me insane. Did they really say that like that or do that like that? I can’t believe they are my enemy when all along I thought they were my friend.

Liars want you to believe in them. That’s how they get off. Their sick and twisted brains get off on the pain that they inflict onto you and there are some monsters that will marinade in it too.

As soon as something starts to not feel right is the instance I finally decide to back off. Why keep forcing yourself into something when your insides keep telling you something is off.

I honour that inkling and pull myself back. I don’t owe anybody anything after all because it is my life and not theirs. Why keep trying to force yourself to fit into a circle when you know that you were born to be a square peg?

I keep giving people chances even though that is not what they deserve. The liar wants to keep on convincing you that they are good and maybe eventually you begin to believe all the lies that you have wasted time trying to understand and hear.

When words hurt I look towards actions and see how much effort people put into trying to be my friend. Have they reciprocated the feelings that I have gathered up the courage to muster or did they just look through me instead?

I don’t want to be that girl that people only think about when they have nothing to do. I have feelings and I know that I have value so I wonder why you can’t take the time to see that too. Imagine putting all the effort in and getting nothing back? I think I will keep to myself and my animals, the ones with the unconditional love that always give back.

If it hurts don’t forgive them, well forgive them in your heart and then move along. I hate giving those the power to think that they have one over on me. That is just something I can’t live with. I need those to know why there is so much distance between us. I guess I had a part to play in this after all.

Do we have to believe those that are always constantly mean? The ones that can look us in the eyes as their lies slowly escape from their teeth. Why even bother with an elaborate fabrication of the truth? How did we find ourselves living in such a world.

I get tired because every where we look there is somebody out there living a lie. They will say what ever they need to win you over right before they break your heart into a million pieces as they watch you break down and cry.

My whole life I feel I have wasted trying to get through all the lies. Can’t anybody tell the truth anymore or is it easier to pretend like you are getting the one up on another person? I don’t want to play games or waste time anymore. If you can’t be honest with your intentions then I will be the first to show you the door.

Every tell somebody how you really felt about them only to have them slap you in the face? And I don’t mean in a bad way either. I have experienced trying to make friends and letting another being know how important their friendship meant to me only to have them wipe their *ss with my concern and throw it on my face.

I see bad people and they hang around together. If you ever see a gander of geese flocking together you better be mindful of the weather. Don’t get too close if you see those storm clouds rolling in. Some of them will feast on your good intentions making it impossible for you to ever win.

Where do you go to develop a thick skin or do you insist on cutting everybody off? In my heart and mind I don’t have anymore time for games. I believe it is this incestualize game playing that is the ultimate sin. Why does it always have to be about the competition? Can’t we all just get along? I don’t know about you but how I feel is that it is truly for the best if I just get gone.

I try, I always try. That is why I have sharpened my senses to live among the weeds. If you don’t know what is being said about you how do you even know when it comes time for you to leave? You don’t. Unless you hear it slip out of somebody’s lips you will always believe they have your best interests at heart. It will take them severing the tie in order for you to be able to take a good look at their heart.

Good people are kind and don’t leave you with the slimy coating to wash off. Did they really think they can get away with speaking so much filth? I guess that is how they have chosen this lifetime to get off. Fake it till you make it and lie until you are finally heard. Never waiver on the vibe that you put out there or the masses will come to bury you in the dirt.

I don’t waiver. I don’t lie because I am proud of who I am. I didn’t endure a lifetime of being forced to constantly stand on the outside without being lucky to learn a thing or two. What I have learned is to not believe all the lies especially the ones being said about you and that it is ok to close the doors and throw away the key if you believe that is something that you need to do.


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