Lights Out

What stops me every time is that there was those that were so confident to do as they pleased now for whatever reason they are no longer. I like to dissect their words like there could of indication of their demise that was set to come.

Think about it, especially when it comes to wrap, all of those ridiculing and taunts made to sell records and to of course strike a nerve. The clap back. Didn’t we all just sit on the edge of our seats just waiting for what was next to be said.

Listening to old school rap is the foreshadowing of all the things that were to come. It’s eerie actually. “I am not scared” but you should be because jealousy is always coming for you and it will be relentless in it’s attack.

The epitome of all Earth shattering violence. A bullet shot at the head goes straight through everything else instead. Game over. Lights out. There is nothing more that can be done. Did so and so really hate you that much that this is the only way that the game could have been won?

I think about those moments right before you make that decision in life where everything goes wrong. I listen to the words where they talk about their survival and I wonder in that moment if they knew that they were caught and their game was more than done.

Some rap is auto biographical, “You don’t know what it is like,” so why don’t you tell me about it. You know the rest of the lyrics that are sure to come. Gun battles, jealousy, rage, girls and don’t forget about the drugs and alcohol because you know it is all there. They talk about respect like they insist on it in their lives so it makes me wonder why they were chosen to be taken early and some other legends of the 80s and 90s live on.

I truly believe in the words of those that are no longer than those that are able to stare me in the face. Does them dying give them more credible somehow or does that mean that they finally got caught up in their own façade?

What confuses me the most is all of what was being said was designed to sell records why did the most influential rappers of the 90’s end up with a gunshots? Why is this their ending that they were forced to meet up early with that day?

Getting snuffed out in your prime is the ultimate sign of disrespect. Who hated you the most in this life to make it so you ended up this way? Imagine hating one person so much for the only reason being their fame and from a beef and altercation made with others that you would never be privy enough to understand?

Usually it is the case of an overinflated ego that makes you seem susceptible to man. The ego gets in the way of everything making us believe in ourselves like nobody else ever could or can. I mean the ego is a good thing, it can be a good thing but it should never be used in retaliation or to throw around your weight. Just because your luck has turned and you are now favoured among the stars doesn’t give you an excuse to be rude and to take everything that you see.

We have all seen people who do this. Overextending their living capabilities and going over and above their means. Taking too much without being able to give back is a sure way to get any structure to collapse as it is ripped apart at the seams.

Maybe it is their over confidence that saw them take an early exit out. I mean all I see is what I want to see and I rarely make time or headway believing in anything else. My dad has always said it is who you  know so be mindful of the company you keep. You don’t open yourself up to evil and potential danger if those that you find yourself around are aware and doing the exact same things.

Hang around with people who carry guns and your likelihood of getting shot has already gone up. Keep angering and poking the bear I am sure you will see that eventually people will finally stand up for themselves as they have finally had enough. Give the wrong persona an opportunity and they will take it all away I think that is why it is important to be mindful of the words that we say but also why our words become so incredibly important when they are all that we have left.

Talk to me from beyond the grave and help me get through this so called life. It was obvious that you saw the demons coming for you, you were just unable to keep on going as they caught up to you too fast. I have always wondered what the cost of fame would be but I think it become incredibly obvious once we begin to open up our eyes. Why are some of those able to keep on going as our favourites pay the ultimate price.

The ones that are able to make the biggest impact are the ones to be snuffed out first. I think that in itself should be a glaring indication of the type of people who control everything behind the scenes. Make it appear like an illusion so nobody can ever question what it is that we have done. Isn’t that the greatest sin? Not allowing another to realize their own potential as we pervert their own free will.

I have always wondered that. Why is it that some are born into wealth and power and others are destined to be poor and live in incredibly pain. How does that seem fair? That is why I believe that there has to be some kind of after life. How else could we even out the qualms of the western world? All things that made us human that society deemed appropriate to take away.


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