My passion is knowledge and who doesn’t love talking about what they just learned.

Hi I am Sweet Ruby Bluez. I have a love for trying to understand the World and make it a better if not just for my family but hopefully the whole World!

Becoming My Own Best Friend

I don’t have the means to make it in Hollyeood but in my family I am the biggest star. Doesn’t that count for something? Shouldn’t that feel just as good? I love myself to be the light in every room because I was blessed a second chance and I promise you I am going to take it. I am going to love on myself so hard until the day I die and I don’t need anybody in particular who I love most of all is me. I was the only one who was always standing here when nobody else could. Should I feel shame for being the best friend I needed in life when nobody else would?

Pure Beauty

Speaking of being seen why are we so negative about the human body? We are the only civilization across the time line that stopped expressing ourselves in this form. We erected these monuments and statues used to captive and take away our breaths. We erected these beautiful images and works of arts for all to remember the pure beauty and life that resides within.

Putting the Past Behind Me

Being taunted with this can all be solved if you just ate meat turned my heart into a knot. Sure my family were farmers and they eventually did eat meat but not initially. Not truthfully. And I am laying down my life in their honor as my sacrifice. Sure I may consume cannabis to an astronomical level but have you read the previous blogs? Have you been present for the nitty and the gritty? I am sure looking forward to having the energy to be putting the past behind me and that includes the negativity and the ugly. Homegirl don’t play no more games and I am done with being tired. I can’t wait to jazz hands all over the universe with my incredible posse to guide me….muahhhhh!

A Number’s Game

I try to put things into perspective but into perspective for what? We have all been lead astray into the unknown robbing Peter to pay Paul. We tell those who we think will get us further ahead a different lie then we tell the beggars and the poor. Anterior motives bloom in plentiful enough to spill over into any room. Why have a friend when you can keep a foe? At least you know the intentions of the later and the other is just a numbers game of what for?


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