My passion is knowledge and who doesn’t love talking about what they just learned.

Hi I am Sweet Ruby Bluez. I have a love for trying to understand the World and make it a better if just for my family but hopefully the whole World

Somebody Like Me

My biggest fear in this life is never being worthy of my Dad’s love. The pain that resides in the hole that he left in my heart is a reminder just how worthless that I am. Maybe there is something wrong with me. Maybe I did something to somebody and now I am paying the price. Just like in the words echoed to me by my Grandfather right before Alzheimer’s took him, “How can you love somebody like me?”

The Demon Mind

The only demon mind that I should fear is that of my own. Only she has been made of my weakness and only her version of me can stop me from being able to shine. One a living nightmare the other lost in a dream. Both are versions of me and both forever intertwined.

Self Righteous or Falsely Enitled

You were one of the lucky ones. You showed no symptoms but in your path of destruction you took many along with you. You became the angel of death as you took the most precious gift from those we love. You took their lives because you deemed your’s to be worth more. You decided that in your march of freedom you took mine.

The Selfless Existence of the SAHM

As I get ready for another day of sheer insanity as the brinks of mine are pushed beyond capacity I teeter along the edge. What really is at stake for the existence of a stay at home mom, undervalued and appreciated? . I see it now. I appreciate it better. The existence of every strong women before me and yet to come. There is nothing stronger than a stay at home mom both in the physical existence and spiritual.


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