My passion is knowledge and who doesn’t love talking about what they just learned.

Hi I am Sweet Ruby Bluez. I have a love for trying to understand the World and make it a better if not just for my family but hopefully the whole World!

Extra or Ordinary?

Imagine that. Some of our fear is just getting out of bed in the morning and here this guy is taking the bull by the gonads and making it his b*tch. So now think about your life. What are you doing each day to ensure you don’t succumb to this ride. That when bad news comes knocking on your door you kick the door off the hinges and say now what Mother F*cka come hit me with your best shot

Beauty with Sweet Ruby: Cinnamon Swirl Smash

Truth be told I love organic beauty. The closer we can get to our kitchens the better I do believe. Some of the greatest skinned beauties over the centuries looked no further than their pantry to try and preserve their youth and beauty. One day I fear I will get up and look in the…

Who Am I?

Dirt. I love dirt. I will call you home again one day. Well maybe not. Or maybe so. I just want to be somebody who lives. Tired of working to pay another’s lavish life I will no longer buy into all those backwards traditions that we now take as gospel. The mindset we have in order to just get buy is mind blowing and that is the gift I was given when I was first brought into this land. Not to this land as in this country but the form of life that I get to live.

My Truth

My truth is I am so exhausted from running from it all that I took a hard stance here right in the sand. I was tired of what others were saying about me. If my truth wasn’t good enough then who needs them? Am I right? Why even give a damn? Who I am today is a by product of all these events that have happened to me before. Some good. Some bad. Some could be said to have not even happened at all. I get that a lot. It is not up to me to determine what it is you feel about me and why.


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