Day 21: 5 Minute Meditation

You attract blessings by being a blessing and by putt your best energy forward. People say to just let life be and enjoy the present moment. You can do that and at the same time look for something a bit more comfortable. The present moment is only present in that very moment before it becomes history. There is value in the past, there has to be, if only we knew what to focus on and of course where to look.

Day 15: Drink Only Water

Every single thing that breathes needs water and here we are disguising it in every shape and form to fulfill our needs. We don’t like our reality and the way we perceive it? Let’s numb the pain and tell a story that suits us best and leave it to those in our company to figure out the rest. The farther you come from that reality the worse off you will find yourself. Unless of course you are the 1% of wealth that leers down on top of us then this stress will never find you.

Wondering Wildly

In my life I want to play the part of someone who is glamorous, living for all the years that I was living like I was not. My wardrobe was work out clothes and the odd punch of dress-up a lady needed an outfit to be seen in didn’t she? I had spent more than enough time in day old sweats and now that I am older it is just something I can no longer be. I love to feel like a lady should especially when I think about how much history and passion has gone into years of self discovery. Not just for me but women over centuries.

Nobody Wins

People like to ask what would you tell your younger self if given the chance. I like to think that my younger self would listen but with youth comes this misplace arrogance that doesn’t allow us to clearly see the consequences of our actions. We always believe the horrible things we read and see could…

The Corruption of Power

Quarantine life is driving me crazy. At least I think I am going mad. I don’t understand why it is so hard in the year 2020 to get a handle on a disease that doesn’t seem as lethal as say AIDS or the opiate crisis (which we just seemed to have forgotten about anyways).  If masks works…

Soul On Fire

There is nothing more I can say to try and get the rest of the World to wake up. We sit here in our own stupefied stupors trying to justify our own thoughts of being.  I can’t help to feel a certain way when my husband says that what I want to do in a…