Innocence Lost

The little voice inside me told me to research the side effects of Effexor. Strange eh not that I was looking or needing an excuse to ditch this drug for good but it just reinforced how we really need to dig deep and listen to what truly makes our own heart beat and make it so that each one of us have a chance to be heard.

42 Things I Have Learned (26-11)

26. Life doesn’t get any easier you just find better ways to manage. I like to think of our lives similar to that of our lifelines on a monitor in the hospital. There are ups and downs, there has to be, because once that line begins to lie flat there is no more living to…

“Realize You Can Go Forward Blindly”

Maybe I did. Maybe I moved blindly into a World that I was never prepared for. Maybe it is just another blip in the life of me.  I want to cry but somehow I feel like I have been set free. That noose that was tightening around my neck was now gone. The only thing left to share was my honest truth and the blind faith that I had going forward.