The Tale of Two Chins

The story of two chins gives us hope in the way that things are supposed to be. I hope that they will find happiness in being with each other in a way that being a beloved pet of human can never fully bring or be.

To Love a Stray

Cats always had this way of only coming around when it was absolutely needed by you or them the verdict is still out. Dogs will always be our loyal companions our true ride and dies our comfort that will always be.

A Righteous Path Towards Destruction

Our misguided source of self entitlement has corrupted us to our soul. Somewhere on the time line we decided that profit over life is the be all end all to this game of life. We sit atop our perch dictating to those below. The game that we got caught up in was no more than…

Love will Find a Way

Of course my literary journey took me down the road of “The Lost Dogs”. You know the storey about Mike Vick’s dog fighting around. I have a lot of nervous apprehension reading this. To me animals are on the same level grounds as any inhabitant of the Earth. I get we think we are superior…