The Tale of Two Chins

The story of two chins gives us hope in the way that things are supposed to be. I hope that they will find happiness in being with each other in a way that being a beloved pet of human can never fully bring or be.


The first day of me feeding her she did try to bite me. It wasn’t too hard but that was because she didn’t have the energy. The one thing that soothed her was when I put the ointment on her burns. She would relax for a moment then would go right back to biting. I don’t blame her she spent the last 8 years in hell. The family that had her before mentioned that Cinnamon’s sister had died. They told my husband the two were kept separated in cages never to see each other again. This is a well off family that watched a poor lil gal suffer. She would have been screaming in agony. I have seen the burns on her skin to confirm this. She gave up crying because she knew that her cries were never going to be heard. Now as I sit here feeding her I kind of question if there is any decency left in this world.