What’s In Your Color Street? An Eye Opening Expose

Do you believe we have a moral obligation not only to this planet but to each other? Think about it for a minute. Take as much time as you need. If you found out that somebody wanted to profit by hurting us and our environment would you want to know? For days my insides had been in knots trying to determine what it is that I was supposed to do with the information I had just found. To the untrained eye this one little fact is nothing but to a trained Beauty Professional like me this is more than even I could ever believe.

A Directional Zig Zag

So I maybe a little bit sensitive. Aren’t we all? I think for me it is because there are a million things I want to know about before the day comes that I die. I am fully aware that I have no idea of what is to come of me or the animals that I gave a loving place to call home. The idea that life gets reduced to absolutely nothing is something that I can’t stomach. Who can? Only the demonic maybe and that is why some of us walk a very fine line.

A Mother’s Love

He is still trying to get his bearing to this crazy reality we call life. All I want is the best for him, all things considering, with very little strife. I didn’t know how life could feel once you had a piece of your heart beating outside of your chest. I swear I will always want to love and protect until that day is decided that I will be taking my last breath.

The Imperfections of Life

We assume that they don’t care for us or they are ignoring our struggle but in the reality they are struggling in their own ways. Now with the doors of Christmas coming to a close I start to ponder everything I feel inside.

Before Freedom Comes Great Evil

In a growing World of violence and hate having a face we are subject to fatalities with no end in sight . It is a sad reality but most of us can recognize the face that stares back at us on social media. It is always somebody’s husband/wife, son/daughter friend. We have become so sheltered…

Philosophically Speaking…

Imagine a time when Philosophers were free to think before the powers who control our free thought took over. To explore the thoughts and teachings of some of the first known free thinkers on record will stimulate your mind in a way you never thought possible. I decided to dive in to a world that…

Tips for the Fundraiser (Don’t take things to personally)

The greatest tragedy of all is the way that we treat each other. I have been spending extensive time out in the community as well at home and I can see that the behaviour that seems to be plaguing out nation is the exact same behaviour that I have been getting at home. Yesterday was…