In Limbo

I wait in limbo because if I go anywhere but there my hope in the future will surely die. I can’t focus on the possibility of what could have been and maybes because I can’t let too much time slip on by. What I do though is marinade in her thoughts and memories and anything else that I was feeling during that time. If only I can remember those days then it is like you are still here with me. No matter how hard I try I am still broken and it is incredibly impossible for the rest of the world to ever understand or even try to believe.

Falling Apart

All it takes is just a moment and I am thrown back under the weight of it all. I can feel my heart when it started to break apart forever being ripped right open and I can tell you the exact moment when my world fell apart.

What’s In Your Color Street? An Eye Opening Expose

Do you believe we have a moral obligation not only to this planet but to each other? Think about it for a minute. Take as much time as you need. If you found out that somebody wanted to profit by hurting us and our environment would you want to know? For days my insides had been in knots trying to determine what it is that I was supposed to do with the information I had just found. To the untrained eye this one little fact is nothing but to a trained Beauty Professional like me this is more than even I could ever believe.

A Hated Life

Imagine living this existence and I don’t mean just any existence I mean I have lived this life before. Somewhere between being a young girl and coming of age my eyes were wide open to what a relationship could possibly mean and I was scared of knowing more.

A Grandmother’s Legacy

I cry because I hurt. I hurt because you died and I don’t know if I will ever feel the same way again. I am guarded against those that have always made fun of me and cursed my good name any chance that they could and did. Even though I have been pushed aside by those that used to love me I still hold onto my memories to get me through these trying times.

Through Another’s Eyes

I don’t want to be hear anymore. I don’t want to be that girl that I had to become in order to live through all the pain. I don’t want to live a life where I am constantly taunted, teased and ridiculed like I was forced to endure over all these years. Why would I have to stay where I am clearly not wanted. Wouldn’t it be much easier if I just disappeared and went about my day? I wish.

An Oasis On Earth

I moved him into the Oasis of my house where all lives that were forgotten about have come to rest. He will find solace in the silence until the birds awake from the sun cresting over the mountains as the day breaks saying goodbye to the moon I hope there is something inside of him that knows I tried my best. This is my purpose keeping these beings alive. I can make it a proper oasis with flowers, fruits and vegetables all designed to help us thrive.

A Troll’s Mind

Imagine getting up in the morning and deciding to troll. Your goal and only initiative is to get under another person’s skin so that they lose all control. You don’t care what is going on in their home or if mentally they are ok. They could be holding on by a thread for all you know and your words could be the last ones they hear before they take their last breath.

The Courage It Takes

There is something to be said for an existence that is irritating. Not to myself but to others that have found themselves near me. I think it is hard to hear about how so many people don’t have an acquired taste for me so I shut myself off from the world before it is my time to leave.

A Life Pre-Lived

My social media was becoming the same way. I like to have a purpose for people to come and find me but it didn’t matter anyways because most people didn’t come and stay. Does that make sense? Kind of. It’s like I think it’s just a numbers game for most people. They think once they have you sticking around that you will always stick around so they don’t have to buy into what you are saying or giving you their support.