What Other Children Say

If I could change the minds of our young ones, it is to tell them that they are beautiful and that they will be ok. That you can disengage those that are out to harm you and you can find a way to live for brighter days. Seems easy right? Nah it is incredibly dang hard. In the land of obsessive anonymity and of course the no holds barred.

First Day Of School

The idea is they learn through interaction and play, working on their social skills instead of jumping into traditional learning. You know the learning of ABC’s and counting to 10. I mean I am sure they will learn something more than how to rip the ball out of each other’s hands or throw it at each others heads but I don’t think I can handle a school that justifies play in this way by telling me that my son is going to be ridiculed for his size if we continue keeping him that class. Can you imagine? These are supposed to be his peers but I am already told just how different he is and that was only his first day!! How am I ever going to survive 12 years of this Educational hell that we are forced to put our kids in?

Dead Weight

There was a time that I believed that if you were good to people they would reflect that back onto you. Oh how funny to think back on those kind of days. Everybody who I laid down my life for has now stabbed me in the back and I don’t blame them for taking up on an opportunity that I had allowed them to take. I wanted to believe that there was something good deep down inside of everybody until I learned that some beings are more than content to keep on behaving in such a way.

To Each Their Own

Yes we need to look out for number one but not at the expense of another. Never at the expense of another. You would never speak down against somebody when you can see that what they are speaking of is the truth. Their raw innocence becomes to much for some souls to bare so they resort to violence in the most archaic of ways. To have no reason to hate on one another other than plain old jealousy has been a story as old as time. We all learned about Shakespearean plays that spoke volumes to these facts that would confirm that most humans would kill form fame, fortune and matters of the heart.

Emotionally Inadequate

I hate making excuses for those moments in life that go wrong. They happened to teach us a lesson, a moment of reckoning, and it is up to us to try and interpret its meaning. Or at least try to understand it anyways. We can’t go back to correct an incident but we can use it to bring some light into our lives. We can’t remain forever in the darkness when we have only been granted this one chance to live.

Broken Too Young

That was my living example of relationships to look up to. A boyfriend who bit me and put cigarettes out on me to a best friend who was robbing me blind and forever selling me out. If somebody more popular wanted to hand I was always just collateral damage. It’s no wonder I gravitate towards a boyfriend who was older in my senior year because I needed to get the h*ll out. I sent him on his way when it was time to finally start school. College was supposed to be my eye opener how was I to know it was the start to even more horror </3

Am I Neurotypical?

Now these are just my thoughts about a situation that has arose and it deeply affected me. Not having many I trust in this life I kept this malicious keyboard attack completely to myself. I couldn’t engage. How could I? From the time I get up is a constant attack on my character. Be a better mom. Be a better wife. This is why you have no friends. This is why you have no life. Every little thing hurts and then my son gets up. There is no sinking feeling greater than hearing your son get so enraged. He needs help beyond what a mother can normally give. Have you ever heard your son talk about killing themselves and did I mention that he is only 4? Yes at 13 I threatened suicide but I was just raped. Did I squish my son to react like me? At 4 I would like to hope I didn’t, so? Of course I shut myself off because the life that I am living really hurts and it completely sucks.


Aren’t some people gross and the things that they can do? The way that they can overly justify their behaviour even though they are out of their minds and deranged. We have to stop giving people immediate access to us like they deserve it. Did they earn it in some way?? Did they go over and beyond the traditional conventional means or did they just waste away there on the sidelines using their anger as the be all and and end all to have it their way as it seems? Those who are overly aggressively in their mannerisms should serve as an immediate red light. Give to much room for them to wiggle out from underneath and you just might find yourself ending up slain.

Industry Standards

Loyalty ain’t a thing no more and why does it have to be? We all come alive on a keyboard hiding the truth from all others and getting used to our filth and our lies. Not me. I can’t live like that. I am going to run fiercely in the direction that is super loving and supporting without taking a glimpse in my review as I run by. The older we get the less of a chance we have to get it right so why keep those close to us who are just waiting for us to fail and meet our demise?

Let’s Go!!

At the end of the day I don’t hate myself. I now find myself very interesting. Who needs to be everybody’s cup of tea when you can be a fine, divine wine instead. The only person I ever needed to change for was myself and now that I am here I can’t imagine being anybody else.