The Communist and the Girl Gang

WE take for granted so many blessing in this World thinking that we are entitled to more. Thinking like this absolves those beautiful souls that lives were amounted to nothing. Just like so many people are subconcisouly doing today.

A Mindless Clone

The only person I need to remind myself of of their importance is me and only me. To stand in amongst the weeds or to be the only flower in the garden of my own serenity. I would rather blossom into my own image confident to stand alone then be accepted by your unreal ideology nothing more than a mindless clone.

The Pretty Girls Club

There it is. A discriminating title that has all those on the outside fearing they will never fit in. I remember when this acronym was tossed my way and all I could think was bloody hell. I thought it to myself of course because anybody who refers to themselves asĀ  pretty is already one screw…

Every Girl Needs to Feel Like a Princess

Imagine entering an online contest where the whole basis is asking for likes. Hounding your friends, family, small businesses, people you don’t know. All are fair game in order to get to your end goal. Some though have seen it as an opportunity to terrorize and torment those that they maybe fear or don’t understand….