See Red, Not Orange

There would be satisfaction when Mother Nature retaliates but she always seems to take more innocent in her womanly rage. Who likes to see what they created being so eagerly destroyed. I didn’t settle, I was whitewashed when I hit 5. I remember our books in grade school were all about raising Indigenous fears and concerns. I remember having nightmares that they were all scalpers and coming for my hair. I was young and brainwashed, impresionable, young minds always are. We were made to believe that they were lovingly taken care of, getting “free” money for their sacrifice.

Judging Eyes

You don’t know the strength it takes for some of us to reach out especially if we have been bitten one too many times. I don’t bite, (ok maybe just a little) I am more concerned with the feelings being harboured and if I can help you release some of the weight. Your life is not the burden, what others made you believe is. Believe in yourself again and you will see the simplistic beauty in the world.

Day 25: Unfollow Negative Accounts

The ones that are toxic and poisonous and have nothing great to say. If they don’t celebrate you and you don’t celebrate them, then it is “Hasta La Vista Baby”, and send them on their way. Once you give up on me I no longer see you, not even when you see my star shining and yours is still dull. I would have sang your praises and taken you along for the ride, then you clicked and unfollowed forcing my hand in saying goodbye. I don’t like negative attention and I sure don’t like those in it for there 5 seconds a fame. For me I am in it for the long haul I got a life to prove and I will live it my own way.

Slanging Dirt

As a mother when do you think it is the most important time to feel accepted? Could it be when you are at a park with your son? Imagine your son light up at the sight of the park so you want him to play, I can’t remember the last time I saw him play with another child. I know I am different.

The Bully and The Beast

The cold hearted snake in them shows little to no reaction as they gobble up their prey. They don’t recognize the cries are even feel the cold, salty tears. They are shielded by their arrogance that has sheltered them throughout the years. Why I continue to speak out is because there is no way I am the only one.

Be The Person

Be the person you were born to be before they took away your smile. One minute you were living carefree an the next minute you were a bundle of nerves too scared to breathe or open your eyes.

The Communist and the Girl Gang

WE take for granted so many blessing in this World thinking that we are entitled to more. Thinking like this absolves those beautiful souls that lives were amounted to nothing. Just like so many people are subconcisouly doing today.

A Mindless Clone

The only person I need to remind myself of of their importance is me and only me. To stand in amongst the weeds or to be the only flower in the garden of my own serenity. I would rather blossom into my own image confident to stand alone then be accepted by your unreal ideology nothing more than a mindless clone.

The Pretty Girls Club

There it is. A discriminating title that has all those on the outside fearing they will never fit in. I remember when this acronym was tossed my way and all I could think was bloody hell. I thought it to myself of course because anybody who refers to themselves asĀ  pretty is already one screw…

Every Girl Needs to Feel Like a Princess

Imagine entering an online contest where the whole basis is asking for likes. Hounding your friends, family, small businesses, people you don’t know. All are fair game in order to get to your end goal. Some though have seen it as an opportunity to terrorize and torment those that they maybe fear or don’t understand….