A Different Life

Now try and not get confused by this life I have decided to live. I don’t like wasting my money to indulge in another’s heightened curiosity of me or how they believe I should be. Maybe I am a THC addict or maybe it shouldn’t matter so much as long as I am minding my own business and all my bills are getting paid. You never see my hand out asking for nothing, not even a hang out. I don’t care to be around those that are just trying to even the score. When I used to have friends I told them all my truths so it was very clear, I never needed another being trying to hold who I am against me. I am tired of living that way and I won’t no more.

In Defense of Fake

I remember being excluded from events because I was 36 and living solo. Ever witness a phone call where they were discussing your bank account balance like it was their concern? I have. Ever been made to believe you were getting a ride only to find out that they had zero intentions of getting you and only wanted to make you cry? I have! That is why I show up over and over again until the day I die because I feel people should be held accountable for their actions like you and I. I have fake friends but there time is up. It’s only a matter of time before they click unfollow and for that sole reason I think I will pass and light it up!

Because I Publicly Love A Plant

Why do people pretend to like you one day then hate you the next? Not that you did anything differently except maybe stroke their ego or pay them a little mind or common sense. I guess those people are too faced keeping you around just in case. In case you become who you say you will one day. I hate those guys the most I think. The hanger around need to just get out of the way. They are more than just dead weight they are rot and decay. Is somebody is going to judge you and hate on you for every little thing I think I will take a plant over that judgement their gift of life is all that I need.

Shots Fired

Real honest good people don’t shame people for their choices on how they chose to try and live. Most of us are barely holding on gripping on to the fear that the wrong person will find out about our mental illness or PTSD or former addictions that we will insult those that are brave enough to bring it to your attention. I said it once and I said it before a Doctor is the reason that I baby dropped right of me in front of my son and husband not cannabis but prescriptions. Not only that but I asked her POINT BLANK if this is a side affect which it is KNOWN for and she said NO!!! Shots fired Karen looking down at me like your sh*t don’t stink claiming that you are an advocate for ALL life except for the ones who smoke weed am I right?