The Fear of Change

I always knew I had an expiry date. A best before recommended date before I crawl underneath most people’s skin. I don’t change who I am for anybody. Years of being misunderstood and painted in the worst light made it so I never would regret anything I would ever say again. If I said something I said it because I meant it. You will never see my back peddling or scrambling for words to make another feel more comfortable. I didn’t arrive here to make it so you have an easier time.

Boycott the NFL (or at least Michael Vick!)

But now here we are recognizing a man based on his athletic abilities and not who he is as a man. He is not a great leader. He isn’t even a man. You can’t even compare him to the animals he killed because these animals had more compassion in the skulls he crushed into the ground then in his little finger. But wait did you know he is even allowed to own a dog again. We even let this piece of garbarge pro-create.  We are only human and we are not superior in any way. We keep preaching how we evolved but if evolving means having no compassion or common sense please throw me out to the wolves.

What lays inside Fear

I guess inside my fear is motivation and desire. The motivation to change the World and the desire to see it come into fruition.

To Think Freely or To Freely Think

If you consider yourself to be an infinite power than you won’t engage in negative conversation or behaviour about yourself. We can only see ourselves as the less than perfect being that we are. We define ourselves by the way we look. That is what society tells us now. You have to be perfect. But perfect for who?

A Struggle Worth Living For

Everybody’s life has a purpose. It’s in this purpose that I find the strength. Once I know how somebody has impacted my life I forever keep them in my heart.

The time to think is here….

In a World that is designed to tell us that we need a bountiful supply of friends and social media followers I decided it was time. It was time to take a good hard honest look in the mirror and redesign the person that looked back at me.

Adapting to Change

How many times have we dreamed of a different life but unsure what that path looks like? Maybe we have just become to complacent in our ways that we accept the hand that we have been dealt and move on.  I have always been that one that thought the Universe would just give to me…

Evil Children and the Cost of Fame

As I lay in bed writing this post I am thankful for the coffee by my bed side and that my son is safely tucked in bed.  It has taken days to wrap my head around the tragedy that has unfolded in BC.  As a parent it is every women’s worst nightmare and as a…

Why Can’t it Be Me?

Throughout my journey of self reflection and my passion for growth there’s always a common theme that every successful person in history does. What they all have in common is the ability to separate themselves from the World around them and enjoy the simplicity that being alive should bring. Take a moment to think about…