Damaged Goods

My truth can always be used to hurt me so that is why I always keep others at bay. I don’t need to know why other people don’t want me around or want to hurt me I just try to understand their point of view and allow them to have their say. Once I know their true intentions and what their plan is for me then it becomes easier to want to close that door behind me and throw away the key. In life we weren’t promised anybody. That includes family. Mothers, brothers, fathers, cousins can all turn on you. Maybe it is the abuse that you endured that keeps them all away. All I know is when one gets constantly thrown away after they have been damaged there are pieces that can never be found and that person will never be the same.

MLM Scam?

It’s not like I used my face as a canvas to help prove what I am talking about but c’est la vie and excuse me if I do take it a tad personal as I am trying to lead by example and obtain a better life. I am worth it and I know you are too I just chose not to be added to the ranks of the MLM scam by sliding into your DM’s. I do value my time as do yours so maybe you want to dig deeper into what I do and what I am truly passionate about xx