Infinite Memories, Imminent Death

There are lessons to be learned in our tragedy if only we could embrace the moment for all that it is. Although painful in the memories there is some joy too. I get to go back to a time where their lives mattered and bring them back to life.

Women? Saviour or Death?

It was often written about the birth of children being the release of hellhounds onto the Earth. Think of all the ways we have failed our children. We have allowed them to be victimized by each other in forms of torture they have no business knowing. Is it because we have been so consumed with trying to have the biggest, the best, the newest that we forget all about good manners and common sense.

The Selfless Existence of the SAHM

As I get ready for another day of sheer insanity as the brinks of mine are pushed beyond capacity I teeter along the edge. What really is at stake for the existence of a stay at home mom, undervalued and appreciated? . I see it now. I appreciate it better. The existence of every strong women before me and yet to come. There is nothing stronger than a stay at home mom both in the physical existence and spiritual.

The Pretty Girls Club

There it is. A discriminating title that has all those on the outside fearing they will never fit in. I remember when this acronym was tossed my way and all I could think was bloody hell. I thought it to myself of course because anybody who refers to themselves asĀ  pretty is already one screw…


I was out for a walk with our dog and Schmoo and I was just really trying to take it all in. The fresh air (it was so incredibly windy), the little openings of sun and of course just to be able to see and maybe interact with people. I needed the mental seperation from…