Leaving Sweet Ruby

Today was the final step necessary for the healing to finally begin. To reclaim what was once taken from me officially by shedding the old skin that was time to be shed. Holding onto hold memories hit me like a brick every time I saw my own reflection in the mirror. Haunting me was why…

What is Confidence?

What is confidence? Is it something we are all worthy of or is it something for a few select few?
Confidence is whatever allows you to be who you were destined to be free of fear of ridicile and bad friends.

By Chance or Circumstance

Where is your comfort zone? How much are you willing to tolerate for the greater good. Is there a greater good? Is there a purpose that could serve something out there greater than you ever could? If you let yourself go to the process are you scared of the end result or the reward? Is…

In the Shadows of My Haters

There are no denying facts. Somewhere out there we all have one person who hates us. You can’t please every one. How easy it would be if we could eh? Life would be porch swings and lemonaides on balmy afternoons as us hens unwind from a say well spent. I am sure if you close…

“Don’t Confuse Self-Improvement with Self-Remodeling.”

My weakness has always been my ability to cry at the drop of a hat. I used to get called so many names. Even my family would roll their eyes and make fun of me as being too emotional and my favourite is when I was being told to grow up. I was always apologizing for feeling things. Like feelings are invalid. I learned to cry behind closed doors. That is if I could wait that long. Being called a baby when you feel sad that soembody else’s heart hurts is the worst feeling.