Crazy for Cats

This house has become my temple as I learn to live my life in a much simpler way. All I worry about is how can I provide more for the ones I love, ensuring that they can feel the love that I feel. Without there presence I become nothing and together we all become one. We learn the best from each other as life happens and know in our hearts this is where love will always end and begin again.

Strays and Why I Love Them

The love they give us throughout their whole life… well nothing on Earth compares. You never have to worry about their loyalty or if they are ever coming home. In fact they will spend the rest of their lives looking for you because you will always be their favorite place to be.

A Life Not So Ordinary

I have chosen this path because I am able to invest the time and energy in order to see it through. I know each and every time I travel somewhere the likelihood of sparking life long friendships is high.