Like a Phoenix from the Embers

Death. That sweet sorrowful dance that takes us away to another place and time. We fear it as it is the only thing we pursue without certainty. We rush towards it to taunt and play with it’s true intentions. The only thing that it knows is to seek and carry away to parts and places unknown….

Through Childlike Eyes

Did you ever wonder why our worries when we are younger are very vague?  It’s not for any other reason than our brains had not developed the egos that our adult bodies contain. It takes a lot of conditioning and worrisome thinking to get to that point.  Our parents sheltered our worry so all that…

To Succeed or To Survive

Our entitled privilege let’s us believe that this will passover. We survived plagues, economic collapse and World Wars why couldn’t we survive this? Yes we as humans will survive but our compassion towards each other is dying.

Further Feed My Madness

We are so much more than death than we can ever realize. We have the choice of which directional path we want to run on. Remember though to harm another is to harm yourself so in essence you haven’t learned a thing.