Till Death Do Us Part

What happened to that? What would even be the point of even reciting these vows if it was something you knew you were never going to honour in the first place. Imagine. You know deep down that you are polyamorous. You knew deep down that these exact words you would call into question at some…

The Experience of Living or Infinite Sorrow

So if living is not about the definition but about the experience does that mean that we are all missing the point? To enjoy life and all it’s candor while accepting the ebbs and flows as they come. I imagine infinite sorrow and the feeling of heartbreak. The only true cure is no cure at all. That you can only move forward with the grief in your heart but a new song on your lips.

Like I Have Never Loved Before

It is never to late to let your guard down and love like it is the first time. In fact it is the first time. The first time in this moment, in this mindset, in this lifetime. Every moment from here on out is an opportunity for something great and to fall in love for the first time all over again.

Pivotal Moments (and other pretentious defintions of time)

Oh the crossroads and the pivotal moment when we are trying to determine the right path in whih to venture down. With youth comes courage and the attitude of thinking that we will always have time to correct the course that we are on. We have no idea the severity that that one moment has…

His Storey: The Beginning

Growing up on the farm with only one channel every Sunday was spent watching Disney cartoons, Then the Disney Movie and if you were lucky Dallas. Mom would always pop popcorn and dad would make iced tea and no matter what we were doing with our day we knew that as soon as 5:30 hit…