Imagine an Existense

Why would this one person be privy to an action that billions upon billions would have wished to have done? I still believe that they took an opportunity to try and control how they believed other people should be. Think about it? They manipulated the situation at a time when not many could even read. The tales that were told were handed down from their lips to our ears and then we took it all as being gospel so we didn’t know what we were supposed to believe.

The Cost of War

Let me share something with you that leaves me vulnerable too attacks. Today as I did my morning ritual, I felt so moved I couldn’t help but begin to ask the Goddesses and Deities why, specifically Isis. What was happening here on Earth was hurting too much I can’t believe that this is the way people down here want to live. That I am sorry that there is so much pain in suffering in the world and I am not sure what I can do to even begin to make things better. I knew it would be harder for her to watch so I asked to see her pain through my eyes, and you won’t even believe what happened. Somewhere, somehow from out of nowhere I got peppermint essential oil in my eyes and that sh*t stings.

Authentically Yours and Mine to Let Go

I think that is why we should move towards kindness and all the things that we cannot see. We should move with promise and attention in the hopes that we can be all the things we were promised to be and not be distracted by all the things we can feel and probably never ever see. This is the true distraction that prevents us from being all that we can be. To live in our true image and to finally be able to authenticate oneself is what we should all strive for except for we are distracted by everything else.

Things I Wished I Learned

All she is is a memory with her wedding photo on my desktop to make me cry. A young woman with so much hope, virality and promise who dreamed of a family one day. One day. Now that one day is gone. Her family is still here but one day they won’t be. I need her to be around somewhere hopefully smiling down on me. When the rest of the world hates me I pray that she still loves me. I need to believe in something or I have no idea where I would end up or eventually be.

Eyes Sealed Shut

For whatever reason I stayed here on this side. So I have to make a difference. I have to make it count because if I don’t. Then the wrong life was spared that day and I can not live with myself thinking that. I will reach for the stars and I will take you all with me because it is only with love that my eyes began to open again.

My Christmas Wish

Although I may walk in the shadows of some that have walked before me I am not destined to make their same mistakes. Life is about forgiveness and finding a way to all live together instead of destroying each other and the World piece by piece. As you sit there unwrapping present after present think of those that aren’t so fortunate.

Eye of the Beholder

My eyes are now focused on those that make their way in front of me. My reflection only  matters in their eyes no longer my own. Only I can truly know who I am on the inside for I am bestowed that pleasure. My work and focus now is to help others see the lady I have become and maybe in time help others find their way.

The Beauty Within or a Disaster Without

I wonder why most of our conversations are so negative (hence my previous post). We are not so much our minds as we are these beautiful spirits underneath. Permantly subjected to do these intense feeling of pain and fear. Fear of failing. The pain of losing. We are in this constant competition state with each other instead of embracing one another for the beautiful disasters we have all come to be.

You are not your mind

A place where time does stand still. Where there is no white noise or negative feedback. Where the only thing that can be heard is the haunting melody connecting my soul with eternity. A place where I am safe and my mind is set free. Maybe that is the key. I need to find a way to harness that energy into a more conscious way of being.