The Breakup

In today’s modernized world it seems that the Breakup is the greatest contingency plan that we all carry in our back pockets. Afraid to committ, afraid of not getting our way, afraid of losing who we are…are the one of millions exscuses we get when our significant other moves on. In some cases we are […]



I was out for a walk with our dog and Schmoo and I was just really trying to take it all in. The fresh air (it was so incredibly windy), the little openings of sun and of course just to be able to see and maybe interact with people. I needed the mental seperation from […]



With the absence of time we no longer have to be accountable for anything that we will put forth in this life. Time is our measurement of life well lived. It doesn’t necessarily mean quantity but this would be an exact scenario of quality. Without time there is no pressure, no ridicule for not “living” […]