What Animals Make the Best/Worst Pets?

Maybe I am not the right person to ask what is the best pet. There is something to love about all of them leaving lasting impressions on our heart that we will never forget.

Distorted Energies

No matter what happens today I want to try and capture the moments in time that I want to remember and put less weight into what others out there want to see. These are my memories and I want to honour them instead of distorting them to entice an energy that isn’t me.

Through Another’s Eyes

I don’t want to be hear anymore. I don’t want to be that girl that I had to become in order to live through all the pain. I don’t want to live a life where I am constantly taunted, teased and ridiculed like I was forced to endure over all these years. Why would I have to stay where I am clearly not wanted. Wouldn’t it be much easier if I just disappeared and went about my day? I wish.

Dead Weight

There was a time that I believed that if you were good to people they would reflect that back onto you. Oh how funny to think back on those kind of days. Everybody who I laid down my life for has now stabbed me in the back and I don’t blame them for taking up on an opportunity that I had allowed them to take. I wanted to believe that there was something good deep down inside of everybody until I learned that some beings are more than content to keep on behaving in such a way.

A Friend Becomes Foe

There is something to be said for learning to adjust to what society has deemed a necessity for us. With cell phones attached to our hips we answer to everybody and we forget who it is we actually wanted to become. I can remember countless outings with people just to watch them on their phone. Oh this text is important to me. Let me take this call. Nah, I am good. I think I am better off at home.

The Evolution of Miss Ruby Sweet Cheeks

All I know is I am tired of being ashamed for my shine because it is to bright for your eyes. Imagine living your whole life under somebody else’s shadow because they finally had it their way and managed to permeate your brain. Kick them out for being obnoxious then take over your rein as Diva Supreme. I mean we only have this one time to live through our eyes so why wait for another to tell us how to live it and if we got it right!

Childhood Whispers

As I hold my breath and watch you, you leave your seat and take flight. Like an angel returning to the Heavens, all I see is your light. How I wish I could fly one more time with you and tell you how sorry I am. I am sorry I failed you and your life was taken to soon. My heart won’t forget you. We will always have recess and you can meet me at the swings, ontop of the monkey bars where the lonely ol bluebird sings.


Compassion doesn’t work that way and life is supposed to love and heal. Imagine living back then only to find out that humans are even more grotesque than they have ever been before. We are stuck in this loop of working our fingers to the bone to fund our terrorists who are here right now dancing and laughing on holy soil with our brothers and sisters being the meal that replenishes the Earth. You have to change everything you have ever done before and stand tall in your own pile of sh*t. Are you truly authentic or are you living a life on display for others to appreciate and understand?

Unfriend, Block, Delete

When a friend waivers in being a good friend to me I have to lead them to pasture and I have to set them free. If a so called friend can betray you with the million of eyes that social media can bring I can close my two eyes and severe the tie that may be. I value my time and space and the people I hold dear. I am yet to regret anybody that has found themselves at the end of unfriend, block, delete.

Crack A Lack

We shouldn’t gravitate towards another’s pain, anguish or heartbreak. We are drawn to it in ways that makes us run towards it like a moth to a flame. Sometimes in life though the flame will combust so that everyone can see.