Your People

The importance of finding “your” people is incredibly important and in the absence of finding your people you are always subject to having the wool pulled over your eyes. Where normal people come to laugh and play and maybe tell tales your people know where it’s at at the end of every day

Through Another’s Eyes

I don’t want to be hear anymore. I don’t want to be that girl that I had to become in order to live through all the pain. I don’t want to live a life where I am constantly taunted, teased and ridiculed like I was forced to endure over all these years. Why would I have to stay where I am clearly not wanted. Wouldn’t it be much easier if I just disappeared and went about my day? I wish.

Life Obnoxiously Intertwined

You know the straw that broke the camel’s back weighed as light as a feather but the impact it made on it’s mark was clear devastation. That is all it takes. Just the wrong moment in time and anyway one of us can easily break. Who am I to judge the failures of our mental mind. You know what I mean. Not one of us is perfect. If we were why would we new the physical limitations to bind us when we can already release ourselves from the ties that bind.


Please let me know if your child is bullied, abused or dead so I can give you the firework send off that you so eagerly demand. I see ugly people and they care only about themselves. These people make living less worthy, they desecrate on the value. I can’t change the world and it’s thinking but I can change everything about me. I honour and value the sanctity of this moment and take pride with reconnecting with Mother Nature and her Earth.

Where Does Love End and Hate Start?

In a casual conversation with friend my mind was pushed to the limit in thinking of all the ways we allow ourselves to feel betrayed or how many times we go back to do the same things. If every life has it’s purposes there is no way imaginable you would want to act with malicious intent….

“Realize You Can Go Forward Blindly”

Maybe I did. Maybe I moved blindly into a World that I was never prepared for. Maybe it is just another blip in the life of me.  I want to cry but somehow I feel like I have been set free. That noose that was tightening around my neck was now gone. The only thing left to share was my honest truth and the blind faith that I had going forward.

Soul on Fire

Where is it written that beauty is conventional and only entitled to a few worthy receipients. The egotistical mind is anything but beautiful. They are overconfident in scenarios that don’t need it. They laugh and joke when others leave the room…if only for a moment. It has become more of a right of passage to bond together with girls over the faults of others.