Making My Way Back Home

Reflections in time are like song of the future. You are never to sure of their existence. You want to believe in all that there is. All that is possible and all that can be. That is the beauty and mystery of life isn’t it? To go to your natural limitations then try to push through. Don’t you want to exceed on the person you were from yesterday or do you just want to do what some have before you and just let the natural course of life slide through your fingers. There is no time like the present. You will never be younger more youthful then you are in this moment.

Bleeding Love

Times are harder now. We are constantly exposed to the billions of people that surround us. We can have thousands of single mates at our fingertips from all over the World. How does one even stay celibate and chose the love that has come to exist outside of their body for something cheap and taudry.

Last Words to my Grandma

It’s not the existing in a time where you are no longer. We all know that this is the cycle that we all endure. My question is just in the wondering what happened to you. Who were you and what did your life mean to you? There is going to come a time in somebody else’s life where they are going to wonder the same about me. I wonder if there is enough recorded to appease the curiosity.

A Beautiful Whisper

The feeling of never amounting to anything now became her centre. If her parents were embarassed of who she was then she should be too. Destined to never hold her chin up she was determined to not let them see what they did to her. It was the only satisfaction she got. Be hard enough so they don’t know how badly cracked you truly are. Believe and trust nobody, including herself.

To The Little Girl I Ignored:

I used to sit there for so long and listen to those that I love talk down to me like I was never going to amount to anything. A waste of life those closest to me said. A constant disappointment. It became far easier to believe those lies then to fight against the surge of ignorance bound my way. When you stop believing in yourself and what could possibly be you find yourself in a very dangerous, toxic place.

But I am an Artist Though…

I just want the younger generation to not fear all those changes that they are faced with. To slow down and listen to themselves. Try and dull the white noise of all the influences around you. That is ok to embrace the side of you that you fear the rest of the world might not agree with.

Tired of Trying To Fit In…(or maybe just tired)

I always wanted to fit it. Always. I was a shy young girl and found it hard at first but making friends became easy. It was keeping them that was a bit harder. My desire to fit in was more like a desire…a desire to be popular but only with the boys. I guess that…

Every Woman has some kind of Daddy Issues

***let me start by saying it seems the world is far too sensitive these days. It’s like we can’t even share ideas or thoughts without offending somebody. Some issues are very serious and if reaching out to people can take away their pain, well I am sorry if I offend any one in the process…

Lessons we can still learn from Nanny McPhee (even as adults)

In a world where we are constantly being challenged yet desensitized it is hard to even know where to begin when you get up in the morning. For me my routine has become pretty regular as I am look towars nurturing and feeding my son’s brain and soul. I can’t expect my son to grow…

8 Moment’s in the 90’s That Helped Shape Who We Are Today

As a teenage girl there was no stopping my angst. Growing up in a time where Kurt Cobain, Billy Corgan and Eddie Vedder were the anthems of every tortured soul in pain. We found solace as the haunting words and images came to life and began to express our anguish in ways that we were…