The Cry of Innocence

Who do you cry for when there is nobody left to mourn? Can you even shed a tear for those that were stolen from us way too soon without even knowing who they were? Can you feel the way the World beats a little bit differently now that they are gone or do you forget…

The Hands of Evil (The Weaker Man)

We don’t want to risk our lives because we are too selfish to reach for that outstretched hand because we somehow put a higher value on ourselves. When I find out how many ways when given the chance the people who walked amongst us failed each other I can’t stop the tears from coming. I want to purify my soul and make it so it doesn’t hurt but I can’t forget what we have lost and continue to lose at the hands of evil, the weaker man.

What Became of the Living

We are doing the same things with the other inhabitants of the Earth. Evil doesn’t want to share the gifts of the Earth. The self righteous mind will do anything to keep others at bay. My mind tirelessly looks for the pieces that may come together and try to make sense of what became of the living that now lies broken some extinct.

Paying for the Sins of Humanity

I don’t want the sins to continue washing over me or the generations to come. I want to start making up for all the wrongs so I can change the hands of time. I want our legacy of humans to be something beautiful and tranquil. I don’t want those that will eventually inhabit the Earth to look at our remains with disgust or sorrow. I want them to recognize our compassion and empathy for all those living on Earth.

The Good, The Bad and the Coyote Ugly

You can’t deny that there is something to be learned from every human life that has ever been in existence. There has to be a reason for every single breath because without that reason we all become obsolete. Inside each one of us is this tremendous opportunity for another life, another existence, another purpose. In…

Created Equal

You know what is missing from the world? Acceptance. When was the last time you truly felt like you fit in? For me I have always had this suspicious feeling that on average I am more kept around out of another’s sheer loneliness then another’s first choice. Come to think of it I usually was…

The Commonality Inside Each of Us

What does your life look like? Truly? Do you think your destiny is intertwined with another or do you feel the fate of being destined to walk alone? What does alone look like? Are you truly alone or are you feeling like you aren’t connected? That is how I feel these days. I feel disconnected…

Divinely Intertwined

Do you believe in divine intervention? Seriously what are your expectations for your life? Both in this and in the next? There is so much, “he was this way” and “he did this stuff” and “this makes him good” and “this is why he is bad” but there is no mention of who the hell…

Three Sides (the formula for complete annihilation)

Each and every one of us had our finger on that trigger before those shots actually rang out. We have this underlying desire to kill off anybody who is different than us. Anybody who dares to live in their own true authenticity we feel threatened. Pull yourself in again.

Of Love and Light

Have you heard of Folke Bernadotte? But I bet you have heard of Queen Elizabeth.   Both blue blooded royalty. One gave back to their people with the sole purpose of being kind and doing onto others as you wish were done onto you and the other. Well we already know about the other. Saving herself…