The Human Experience

These holy men believed they were doing God’s work when they beat, starved, molested and God only knows what else to our beautiful Indigenous babes. They wanted to kill the “Indian” inside of them. That is the work of the devil and pure evil who could even distort such thinking in these ways yet we do nothing and sit and silence and let their ancestors pick at their graves. Oh don’t worry it is ok we are giving them their own holiday just to say sorry. Is that how we value the human experience and nothing more. I can’t live this way so oblivious to others. How is it that we all wanted to get here so fast with no regards to the actual cost?

Day 20: Write Out Every Feeling

The building blocks to a life well lived usually start from there. To nurture those in our family is to give them our unconditional love and support. What is missing from my life is a cheerleader, somebody to help me up when I fall down. Without a husband who cares and loves me I am just a middle aged lady growing cold.

Lessons on Humility

When others make some believe that their existence is trivial or below the other we fail to open our heart as a compassionate human would. Why would we all differ so much in our character when our very existence is dependent upon being able to rely on other beings.  Living broken is the biggest ironic trait that we all get to experience.

A Life by any Other Name

You know that feeling that you have when you are alone. Left in your own company you come up with thoughts and ideas that will either hinder or hurt. We fantasize about the future like it is promised to us somehow. We lash out at others thinking their existence doesn’t matter much to us and…

When the Outside is Stripped Away

I always knew my journey was meant to be different. Not harder just different. My stance has always been from the outside looking in. The only salvation my soul feels is in the validation it receives in believing that true heaven on Earth is something that is born from within. It is so much more…