5 Steps to Managing Depression

I am a firm believer that to some degree we can manifest our destiny. Some will say that this idea is absolutely ridiculous and of course on some level it is because if we could all will ourselves to be successful, famous, billionares we would be. What I am talking about is that peaceful feeling […]


40’s the new 20’s

On Friday I had the extreme pleasure to travel to Vancouver for a photoshoot that I had won back in the summer. Originally we had wanted to travel as a family but this photographer is very sought after in the pinup community so not wanting it to expire we decided that it would be best […]



Do you realize the value in a moment? I sure do. The best ones we keep replaying in our heads. It helps us to continue on to give us strength. To see a different way of doing things. It used to be that all of my memories were so incredibly dark and depressing. Chasing the […]