To Co-Sleep or Dream?

Becoming a mom changed me as I constantly try to achieve perfection around the house. It is hard when it feels like nobody appreciates you so I have to constantly remind myself it is ok to appreciate myself. Ya right am I right? I hate that my son is becoming a little sponge

Imagine an Existense

Why would this one person be privy to an action that billions upon billions would have wished to have done? I still believe that they took an opportunity to try and control how they believed other people should be. Think about it? They manipulated the situation at a time when not many could even read. The tales that were told were handed down from their lips to our ears and then we took it all as being gospel so we didn’t know what we were supposed to believe.

Universe are you listening, It’s me Ruby.

No matter which way you look at it the only control we have over our destiny is the energy it takes to get there. We can’t control the future much in the same we can’t alter the past. Live for today, forget tomorrow and live like yesterday was a dream.

Magnificent Malicifent Or Just The Way You Are

So it’s happened. The final barrier I had that was keeping me from the outside world…well it’s gone. For as long as I can remember I have been in physcial pain. First it was night grinding, then it was a bf breaking my jaw, then root canals. Let me tell you my left side of…

The Fear of Failure

What never ceases to amaze me are those people who only keep you close to watch you fail.

A Life Not So Ordinary

I have chosen this path because I am able to invest the time and energy in order to see it through. I know each and every time I travel somewhere the likelihood of sparking life long friendships is high.

Adapting to Change

How many times have we dreamed of a different life but unsure what that path looks like? Maybe we have just become to complacent in our ways that we accept the hand that we have been dealt and move on.  I have always been that one that thought the Universe would just give to me…

The Breakup

In today’s modernized world it seems that the Breakup is the greatest contingency plan that we all carry in our back pockets. Afraid to committ, afraid of not getting our way, afraid of losing who we are…are the one of millions exscuses we get when our significant other moves on. In some cases we are…

Look At Me

When the time to finally take a look inside of ourselves is finally here will we look at what relects back onto us and like what we see? Do we cringe at what we have done or will be doing and the thought of those actions we lose site of those consequences. In a world…