Life Carries On

The creation of life is nothing short of a miracle yet we never identify it as being such a way. Think about it. Where once there was nothing there now grows somebody with limitless potential and faith. We grow another being safe inside our womb almost like magic beginning to create.

Missing Most of All

We can twist the truth a million different ways but you can’t corrupt fact into faction. In fact the more ridiculous you claim the truth to be the farther from reality you seem. In life there will always be the sinner and the saint and for the most part we relate better with the sinner…

Who Are We Becoming?

The only thing that doesn’t die is or mind we just change forms and let go. If it were up to me I would try and honor all those lives that came before me. Who am I but a mere human capable of something great that nobody will ever know.

Nightengale’s Don’t Believe in Fairytales

There are lots of reasons why it should always be ok to believe in magic and in fairy tales. If we are all made up of energy derived from a single cell wouldn’t it mean that somewhere in the four corners of your mind you can imagine the possibility of both coming true. Why not…

The Value in a Moment

Our own disillusioned self righteous entitlement have always been our own demise. Although in one sense it is great to hold yourself in high regard it is all together a hindrance when you are unable to show compassion for your fellow being. At one time I wanted the whole World to recognize. I thought the…

Fearless in my Wonderlust

The way we intimidate our minds makes us our own greatest bully. The greatest accomplishment we can muster of all time is when we believe in ourselves continuously. Nothing great ever came out of a mediocre man. We only have to look out into the mainstream to see this as being true.

Simplicity in the Madness

For whatever the reasons we weren’t given the luxury of having somebody walk with us through life. We get these moments where we get to glimpse in what it would feel like. Those little moments although bring us great joy suffocate us with the weight of their pain.

The Greater The Pain The Greater The Reward

The more one can give themselves selflessly¬†to another the more life will receive some of life’s incredible desires. Not the desires of those that you know. But that beam that you walk on when you discover your inner bliss. There is a demon inside of all of us that we have to admit lays in…

The Biggest Lie Ever Told

No wonder why it is the biggest lie ever told and why some who be want to keep us from uncovering the truth. That a greedy man more consumed with wealth and power wanted to destroy our creator.

Leaders, Heroes and Myths

Altering any time line no matter the content will be detrimental to the preservation of life. As we rape and pillage the World of all of it’s natural and unnatural asset it will leave us not only a dead world with a hole in its’ heart but it will leave each and every one of us unfilled and living without a purpose.