I want to live in this world but how can I? Every moment I am alive I am greeted with so much hate. I can’t breathe. The weight is crushing me. Somebody give me a reason to want to live 💔

Somebody Like Me

I am sorry I came to you so fractured there are pieces of me long forgotten that I will never see. I used to love my Dad, maybe I still do, but he hates me. I tread in shallow water because of who I was then compared to who I grew into being. Gravitating towards love and light I was hoping to be free. The truth will set you free they say unless you are somebody like me.

Please God Wake Me

I wake up covered in blood and wipe away my tears. It’s not me I tell myself it’s the disease. Looking around I hope that my reality has changed. If you could wake up anywhere where would you be. All I want is to somehow be back in the 90’s. Nobody understands me here. Fitting…

The Fear of Isolation

It would take almost 2 decades for me to recognize the loss from that decision that day. And that really only evolved because I stopped EVERYTHING I was doing and changed my course. I had to. As the clock kept on ticking so did that dream of having a family and that desire to grow old with someone….see there it is again!