In Limbo

I wait in limbo because if I go anywhere but there my hope in the future will surely die. I can’t focus on the possibility of what could have been and maybes because I can’t let too much time slip on by. What I do though is marinade in her thoughts and memories and anything else that I was feeling during that time. If only I can remember those days then it is like you are still here with me. No matter how hard I try I am still broken and it is incredibly impossible for the rest of the world to ever understand or even try to believe.

What’s Going On?

This leads me to the importance of keeping your circle close and to have some sort of standards and a core value in place. If somebody in your life is constantly disrespecting you, there must be some sort of attached value or finite price. Why allow somebody who doesn’t have an interest in your heart have a say on what is going on

What Animals Make the Best/Worst Pets?

Maybe I am not the right person to ask what is the best pet. There is something to love about all of them leaving lasting impressions on our heart that we will never forget.

Good Life

All I ever wanted was the truth. That purity of information that has this innate ability to let our heart soar free. It’s a rare quality to find in somebody these days because it has been interwoven into every entity to search for fortune and fame.

Mean Girls

I hated myself so much and I was barely a girl. Nothing nice was said about me as I was left alone in the world. With nobody to talk to I spent most of my days alone. It took everything I could just to want to stay alive here when it could have been easier to leave and make that final journey home.

When We Are Dead

The void that happens instantly when part of our family doesn’t come home is heart breaking. I know that we aren’t meant to be here forever but our hearts sure do bleed the moment they decide to go on and leave.

Appreciate A Moment

I could tell that everything surrounding this moment was different. I could tell that through her pain she could no longer recognize the family she had loved over this last few years. I want to scream and trash their office out of anger but then I realize that will never let her come home and would only have me acting as a fool.

Fitting In

At the time this was my best life until another man came around and took it away. He broke all the bonds that I had with my family and he made it almost impossible for me to want to live another day. I tried to take my life. Over and over again. At the time when I was hurting all I thought I wanted was a friend but what I came to know and realize all I wanted was a place where I could be forgiven and where I could fit in.

In Search for Authenticity

Is there a place for second chances I think that depends on who is asking? I am not one for granting forgiveness but I have been known to ask to be forgiven. What a funny world we live in. What a shame we only get to live once.

A Grandmother’s Legacy

I cry because I hurt. I hurt because you died and I don’t know if I will ever feel the same way again. I am guarded against those that have always made fun of me and cursed my good name any chance that they could and did. Even though I have been pushed aside by those that used to love me I still hold onto my memories to get me through these trying times.