The Biggest Lie

Maybe that is the biggest lie ever told. Instead of living to die maybe we are dying to live always in a rush in the opposite direction. What choice do we have but to live in the image that makes us happiest, at least that will be in a language we can understand.

Women? Saviour or Death?

It was often written about the birth of children being the release of hellhounds onto the Earth. Think of all the ways we have failed our children. We have allowed them to be victimized by each other in forms of torture they have no business knowing. Is it because we have been so consumed with trying to have the biggest, the best, the newest that we forget all about good manners and common sense.

Judgemental Eyes

i hear so much about everybody else being triggered by such and such events and try to paint it so they are always the one victimized. Just the other day I posted a pick about clearly consensual sex between three people at the Calgary Stampede. My thinking was of course we are the dirtiest province in Canada with the highest COVID # we are home to the Calgary Trampede.

The Feeling is Mutual

Friends like you are a dime a dozen. I can take a walk in any park and come out of it way wiser than any deep conversation I have ever shared with you. I won’t be sad because it is over. I won’t even remember you come next year. Where once you were a ray of light you are now a dark poisonous thundercloud laying in wait to take the next soul down with you.

I Am Tired

I am tired. I am scared. I am lonely. I am obsolete.

Somebody Like Me

My biggest fear in this life is never being worthy of my Dad’s love. The pain that resides in the hole that he left in my heart is a reminder just how worthless that I am. Maybe there is something wrong with me. Maybe I did something to somebody and now I am paying the price. Just like in the words echoed to me by my Grandfather right before Alzheimer’s took him, “How can you love somebody like me?”

The Demon Mind

The only demon mind that I should fear is that of my own. Only she has been made of my weakness and only her version of me can stop me from being able to shine. One a living nightmare the other lost in a dream. Both are versions of me and both forever intertwined.

Empower Me to the Grave

There wasn’t much to do but conceive children and try to maintain the health and prosperity of all. Divorce was frowned upon because once the deed was signed you truly became the property of the man. The older you became the least valuable you were. The best you could hope to be was a teacher or tutor for somebody else’s kids, a constant reminder of how you failed as a woman.

Blindly Lead or Blindly to Be

With the blind leading the blind and all others left to go astray, I will retire myself to the mountainside far away from where others will go. I never wanted to turn my back on humanity but humanity has turned their back on me. I don’t want to live in a world so self righteous when all I truly want is a chance to just live my life and simply be.

Self Righteous Entitlement

Being depressed is easy. It is our excuse for everything, will the lack of doing anything. Oddly though it is when you are at your lowest that more people gravitate towards you. Not because they sympathise, because they do, it is also because we have this morbid fascination to watch another crumble in despair.