A Mother’s Love

My biggest fear is that I know it will be impossible for me to love him forever. I know that life will happen and it’s the finality of death I fear. Without fully knowing where we are going I can’t help but feel the tears escape my eyes. All I want is the life that I was promised so that I can be forgiven in order for my son to thrive. I would give up everything just to see him be happy in every possible way in life before he dies.

Eyes Sealed Shut

For whatever reason I stayed here on this side. So I have to make a difference. I have to make it count because if I don’t. Then the wrong life was spared that day and I can not live with myself thinking that. I will reach for the stars and I will take you all with me because it is only with love that my eyes began to open again.

Bleeding Love

Times are harder now. We are constantly exposed to the billions of people that surround us. We can have thousands of single mates at our fingertips from all over the World. How does one even stay celibate and chose the love that has come to exist outside of their body for something cheap and taudry.

Last Words to my Grandma

It’s not the existing in a time where you are no longer. We all know that this is the cycle that we all endure. My question is just in the wondering what happened to you. Who were you and what did your life mean to you? There is going to come a time in somebody else’s life where they are going to wonder the same about me. I wonder if there is enough recorded to appease the curiosity.

Maybe it’s me? 6 things we should all consider about ourselves.

Wow! What a lifetime. I never in my wildest imaginations would have ever thought it was possible to ever get here. Everything else up tp this point genuinely feels like a dream. I never could have guess thought after all this time that I could still evolve into a beautiful flower or maybe the analagy…

Life Itself

As my boys slept I happened apon this movie on Netflix, “Life Itself”. I have never heard of it and such is life when you rely on Netflix I thought I had seen or knew of what was on their playlist. The movie is a narrative that tells the storey from each individuals perspective and…

40 year old virgin?

Alright! So it seems like I have an even bigger mountain to climb than I had expected. Silly me for thinking that after two years of intimacy that it could be so easily changed. I kind of went with the age old clause that he was a man and most men need some level of…


When everything is truly all said and done I do know that I am really blessed. It is still hard to accept this wonderful life that I had spent forever wishing for. You do truly become your own worst enemy at times and its only for those times leading up that you established a connection…

Look At Me

When the time to finally take a look inside of ourselves is finally here will we look at what relects back onto us and like what we see? Do we cringe at what we have done or will be doing and the thought of those actions we lose site of those consequences. In a world…

Message from Beyond

This is it. The day is almost here where I make my first public appearance as Sweet Ruby Bluez. I can’t believe it is almost here. The idea was born pretty much two years ago that I wanted to make a difference somehow someway and here I am. To some it is a little crazy…