The Music in Me

I love to be inspired and nothing leaves me more inspired than being exposed to another’s journey. We weren’t made to live alone. That was an urban legend they needed you to believe. They needed you to believe that in order to be successful you needed to live in the steepest tower and in isolation buying and cosumming more take out then necessary and living in the shadows of your former self.

Day Eight: Listen to your Favourite Song

I could never just pick one song to listen to as it is my favourite. Instead I will listen to the songs that best compliments my mood for the day. Music is timeless and the words last for eternity not just for today but for always and all the other moments interlaced in between.

Why Everybody Should Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

As I continue on my journey I have really made an effort to embrace those things that I had lost touch in. Feeding my spirituality was very important to me because I had suppressed her for so long. You see I neglected her for so many years that I had to get to know her…