In Limbo

I wait in limbo because if I go anywhere but there my hope in the future will surely die. I can’t focus on the possibility of what could have been and maybes because I can’t let too much time slip on by. What I do though is marinade in her thoughts and memories and anything else that I was feeling during that time. If only I can remember those days then it is like you are still here with me. No matter how hard I try I am still broken and it is incredibly impossible for the rest of the world to ever understand or even try to believe.

What’s Going On?

This leads me to the importance of keeping your circle close and to have some sort of standards and a core value in place. If somebody in your life is constantly disrespecting you, there must be some sort of attached value or finite price. Why allow somebody who doesn’t have an interest in your heart have a say on what is going on


I am stunned by everything that is happening around me. I used to believe in a life so perfect until I became a teen and life has I had come to know it began to rip apart at the seems. Our reality is that nothing is ever as it appears and we can be left scrambling to realize our own dreams.


I think the majority of us are overstimulated. Think about it. We have all become obsessed over something in the most unhealthiest of ways. There is something that we indulge in that is detrimental to our existence and I for one am growing tired of all of that white noise.

Why I Have No Close Friends

So why don’t I have too many close friends is because I find too many people too judgmental. And further to that judgement they couldn’t tell the truth to save their own lives. Why be around people who are so indecisive about their future that they want to take from yours too? I don’t know about you but my inner circle just doesn’t have room.

Falling Apart

All it takes is just a moment and I am thrown back under the weight of it all. I can feel my heart when it started to break apart forever being ripped right open and I can tell you the exact moment when my world fell apart.

Internal Strength

Would you trust the new people you find yourself surrounded around or would you move forward with apprehension with open heart and ears. Not everybody is the same. Just because we find ourselves being drawn out in a certain way that shouldn’t mean that is all we are forced to become and even hear.

Good Life

All I ever wanted was the truth. That purity of information that has this innate ability to let our heart soar free. It’s a rare quality to find in somebody these days because it has been interwoven into every entity to search for fortune and fame.

Mean Girls

I hated myself so much and I was barely a girl. Nothing nice was said about me as I was left alone in the world. With nobody to talk to I spent most of my days alone. It took everything I could just to want to stay alive here when it could have been easier to leave and make that final journey home.

When We Are Dead

The void that happens instantly when part of our family doesn’t come home is heart breaking. I know that we aren’t meant to be here forever but our hearts sure do bleed the moment they decide to go on and leave.