Day 24: Let Them Eat Cake

What is mine is mine but if it makes you happier I will share all my posessions with you. What I value more than anything is a kindred heart and spirit, a loyal friend, an ally and those gems are worth their weight in gold. Those people I will cheer on endlessly and for them I will always have an extra spoon.

Day 11: Go For a Walk

Walking around there is just the regulars (you can tell who they are by the way they greet each other) and they are all eager to welcome somebody new. This day we were talking about the wind. I mentioned that what could we expect from riding around on a big rock spinning around the sun. He paused and laughed and said I guess so. I miss good people.

Day 9: Read a Book

We are so lucky to live in this time with so much knowledge and experience right at our fingertips. So much has been written, researched, said, don’t we owe it to ourselves to read between the pages and take a look? The imagery that comes alive in a well written book heightens your senses and takes you away to another time, another place.

Day Eight: Listen to your Favourite Song

I could never just pick one song to listen to as it is my favourite. Instead I will listen to the songs that best compliments my mood for the day. Music is timeless and the words last for eternity not just for today but for always and all the other moments interlaced in between.

Lacking Human Decency

Maybe I don’t have to worry or maybe it is all I can do. Didn’t you ever want to help the world in learning to love equally instead of this diseased reality we insist on living? Any time the decision is made to sever anybody, anybody at all from this reality justice needs to be served.

Escalated Truth

I prefer to watch true crime because it is the truth. It takes the bad side of what makes us human and puts it on display for us all to see. I am just like the masses who say, “Oh I don’t watch the news there is too many depressing stories in it.” Life is depressing when you open your eyes.

Self Righteous or Falsely Enitled

You were one of the lucky ones. You showed no symptoms but in your path of destruction you took many along with you. You became the angel of death as you took the most precious gift from those we love. You took their lives because you deemed your’s to be worth more. You decided that in your march of freedom you took mine.

Existing with the 7 Sins

We have lived for thousands of years destroying each other. We only care for what makes us happy and the rest can suffer. There are tales of entire kingdoms being dropped to their knees because of the King and his intentions

When Life Loses Meaning

Our storey of life always seems like it is missing a few chapters. Maybe even a storey line, a hero. We are always looking for something to fill the pages often not looking to ourselves as being the hero we need to save us from ourselves. We are in fact our own worst enemy. We…

The Risk of Impervious Indifferences

There is nothing more misleading then a wondering mind then a neglected heart. Combining both will lead to a certain mass destruction. rI can’t help but let the negative poison work through my veins as I consider the source. The source has always come from our misguided views of how we defined our definition of…