A Life to Compliment

That’s the fear isn’t it? Not realizing our truest potential before we run out of time. I think that is what keeps moving along even though nobody lifts their head up to notice me. I am too scared of becoming obsolete that only other monsters can see.

Nobody to Talk Too

To live vicariously with little or no fear of what is being said or even what is happening around you wouldn’t that be the most ideal way to live? You wouldn’t have to worry if anybody was around or if anybody cared to listen to you, you could go on with a full heart and live to have the grandest day.

Last Breath

I think that is what makes me believe that this life we are living maybe a ruse and that we are spiraling into our own demise. Don’t you feel a little bit suppressed and beat down sometimes? Like no matter how hard you try to run away from it all that you may just become all of their lives. That the sparkle that is you, is enough to light up the night sky. I hope we all get a chance to realize that moment before we take our last breath and die.

Midday Reading

Middle of the day thoughts are the worst I find because my thoughts are just scattered. What I thought I would be writing about at 3 am I am no longer and I don’t know if I should feel bothered.

Block and Delete

Wouldn’t that be amazing? To live during a time when not everything is out on display that there are some things left to the imagination inciting our senses and encouraging all those around us to play. I guess it is the time for me to hit ignore on those entities that no longer serve me especially when they aggravate my nerves more now that I am forced to listen to what they have actually have to say. I am only forced if I allow them to continuously have access to me but for now I think I have no choice but to keep on hitting that good ol block and delete.

Before I Go Insane

I don’t have friends. Not any in this physical life. There is nobody around me that wants to give me a sincere hug. I have my sister who hugged me two years ago on my birthday but my heart and soul is aching telling me that this will never be enough. I miss human contact and emotion that is beyond my 5 year old’s capacity. It is not that he isn’t good enough it’s just that those feelings are not quiet the same. I guess it will have to be enough to get me through this lifetime even though the emotions in my head are determined and about to make me go insane.

The American Dream

What if I am successful and I find myself standing where others do living the American dream? Isn’t all that risk worth it? What would you do for your family to be happy and not destroyed by the working mans dream? Would you take a risk at financial security or will you fade away into the background, end scene.

Day 24: Let Them Eat Cake

What is mine is mine but if it makes you happier I will share all my posessions with you. What I value more than anything is a kindred heart and spirit, a loyal friend, an ally and those gems are worth their weight in gold. Those people I will cheer on endlessly and for them I will always have an extra spoon.

Day Eight: Listen to your Favourite Song

I could never just pick one song to listen to as it is my favourite. Instead I will listen to the songs that best compliments my mood for the day. Music is timeless and the words last for eternity not just for today but for always and all the other moments interlaced in between.

The Experience of Living or Infinite Sorrow

So if living is not about the definition but about the experience does that mean that we are all missing the point? To enjoy life and all it’s candor while accepting the ebbs and flows as they come. I imagine infinite sorrow and the feeling of heartbreak. The only true cure is no cure at all. That you can only move forward with the grief in your heart but a new song on your lips.