The Beauty Within or a Disaster Without

I wonder why most of our conversations are so negative (hence my previous post). We are not so much our minds as we are these beautiful spirits underneath. Permantly subjected to do these intense feeling of pain and fear. Fear of failing. The pain of losing. We are in this constant competition state with each other instead of embracing one another for the beautiful disasters we have all come to be.

Your Mind is the *sshole. Not you.

Is this the meaning of life? To be complete assholes and drive others into madness so they can never become the true form that they were destined to be. Have we destroyed our inner essence to the point that all we do is breed more negativity and hate.

Living in Your Own Image

Every thing we do we are being conditioned on how we feel and how to act. We look to our leaders for guidance but in this day and age even our leaders are those that we shouldn’t be taking any guidance from. Or should we?

Virtuous Abundance or Limitless Greed?

The path, my path is better to be walked down unpaved. I don’t need an easier life. I have had an easy life. Easy life means you get to sit there without a care in the World and watch the others struggle around you.

The Fear of Isolation

It would take almost 2 decades for me to recognize the loss from that decision that day. And that really only evolved because I stopped EVERYTHING I was doing and changed my course. I had to. As the clock kept on ticking so did that dream of having a family and that desire to grow old with someone….see there it is again!

Profiles in Courage by JFK

“And it is when his regard for himself is so high that his own self-respect demands he follow the path of courage and conscience that all benefit” (Pg 259) There is no more time pressing then the present for us to raise our political standards. More than to the standards that we impose on our…

Dearest Diary…

The passage of time seems to pick up speed the further along the journey I go.  The wave of nostalgia overcomes me as something reminds me of who I used to be.  The memories grow stronger the more in tune I become with who I am.  Hesitanting ever so slightly when I catch my breath…

The Ultimate Pin-Up Summer

Plato once said that life is when the soul meets with matter. Our souls are all held captive inside these bodies that we will to meet our every demand. We push ourselves to limits we could only imagine possible all to become better than the next. In a world where everybody has become yet another…