Day 5: 30 Minutes of Yoga

For hyper active individuals and even busier minds, the practice of yoga is rather difficult. Instead of using my breathing to identify points of tension my mind wanders to dinner plans, grocery lists, a long list of things waiting to be done. Anything I can think of comes to mind all while I am trying to center my being and indulge my senses with the possibility of higher enlightenment.

“Don’t Confuse Self-Improvement with Self-Remodeling.”

My weakness has always been my ability to cry at the drop of a hat. I used to get called so many names. Even my family would roll their eyes and make fun of me as being too emotional and my favourite is when I was being told to grow up. I was always apologizing for feeling things. Like feelings are invalid. I learned to cry behind closed doors. That is if I could wait that long. Being called a baby when you feel sad that soembody else’s heart hurts is the worst feeling.

To Fan the Flame

Nobody can devalue your currency if you stand proud and tall. Know your self worth. Know the impact you can have on the World. In the face of negativity turn away. There is only strength when you allow there to be. You can’t fan a flame with no wind and eventually that flame will die if it is not fed.  Let fear and negativity fall at your feet as you find the courage to walk in thy own image sheltering others in your wake.

The Journey to the Unknown (or maybe back to me)

My worth being determined by a whole bunch of pixels and gigabytes…things I do not truly understand. For myself I long for a World where we come together in activity. Instead of the click of a mouse.

Book Review: The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle by Jim Rohn

My first introduction with this book was my birthday weekend when my Aunt came to visit. She in fact but three books to help with my path of self discovery and enlightenment. Although small in stature (just over 100 pages), I had put it to the side in order to finish the collection of books…

5 Steps to Managing Depression

I am a firm believer that to some degree we can manifest our destiny. Some will say that this idea is absolutely ridiculous and of course on some level it is because if we could all will ourselves to be successful, famous, billionares we would be. What I am talking about is that peaceful feeling…

40 Points of Value (on the eve of my 40th Birthday)

Well here it is.  My birthday eve is finally creeped up on us. All things considered I have survived 4 decades of the craziest roller coaster that one could ever imagine. In the spirit of all things 40 (including me) here are 40 points of value that I think will help anybody reach their journey…

Knowledge is Definetly Your Power…Unleash it!

In the forever quest of self discovery I took a real hard look at the inner reflection to see if I could try and uncover what really made me tick. With time inching on I had to find a purpose bigger than myself to help fill the void that was beginning to grow with each…

7 Ways to Ward off Negative Energy (and harness your inner being)

Morning. That period of time before any words are spoken and your mind is still buzzing from the dreams and thoughts that occupied your mind all day. The processing of thoughts allows us to filter out the negative and in some circumstances we are able to present ourselves with a more positive outcome for the…

The Beauty Lies in Wait Inside of Us

With knowledge comes an exploration of oneself. We begin to uncover the stones that should have been overturned long ago. It is only while removing the dense moss covering do we reveal the true colour of the stone underneath. We are all these stones covered by complex layers guarded from all elements to forever live…