I am stunned by everything that is happening around me. I used to believe in a life so perfect until I became a teen and life has I had come to know it began to rip apart at the seems. Our reality is that nothing is ever as it appears and we can be left scrambling to realize our own dreams.


I think the majority of us are overstimulated. Think about it. We have all become obsessed over something in the most unhealthiest of ways. There is something that we indulge in that is detrimental to our existence and I for one am growing tired of all of that white noise.

Internal Strength

Would you trust the new people you find yourself surrounded around or would you move forward with apprehension with open heart and ears. Not everybody is the same. Just because we find ourselves being drawn out in a certain way that shouldn’t mean that is all we are forced to become and even hear.

Appreciate A Moment

I could tell that everything surrounding this moment was different. I could tell that through her pain she could no longer recognize the family she had loved over this last few years. I want to scream and trash their office out of anger but then I realize that will never let her come home and would only have me acting as a fool.

Breaking Point

There is that fear that those that don’t know me will exclaim that they were right. That I was never going to make a good mother, friend or even companion how hilarious the last few years have been watching you try to be a good wife.

In Search for Authenticity

Is there a place for second chances I think that depends on who is asking? I am not one for granting forgiveness but I have been known to ask to be forgiven. What a funny world we live in. What a shame we only get to live once.

You Dumb F*ck

Imagine being hated for just being you at least that is how I feel living in this house. His terms of endearment are always you f*cking goof or you dumb f*ck making sure that it is known that I am worthless never to be worthy enough to anybody else.

To Co-Sleep or Dream?

Becoming a mom changed me as I constantly try to achieve perfection around the house. It is hard when it feels like nobody appreciates you so I have to constantly remind myself it is ok to appreciate myself. Ya right am I right? I hate that my son is becoming a little sponge

A Hated Life

Imagine living this existence and I don’t mean just any existence I mean I have lived this life before. Somewhere between being a young girl and coming of age my eyes were wide open to what a relationship could possibly mean and I was scared of knowing more.

An Unseen Need

That’s where we go wrong. Failing to see the value that is derived from all life. We all were once a tiny seed until something got in our way and brought us into life. For no reason and if there was one it is completely out of our hands as we lose all types of control. We were never meant to be such an undesirable species hell bound and determined to destroy anybody who might have the courage to get in our way.