Crazy for Cats

This house has become my temple as I learn to live my life in a much simpler way. All I worry about is how can I provide more for the ones I love, ensuring that they can feel the love that I feel. Without there presence I become nothing and together we all become one. We learn the best from each other as life happens and know in our hearts this is where love will always end and begin again.

A Cat by Any Other Name

There is not too much that cats take for granted our an experience that they may miss. They live life in abundance after humans came along and took everything away. We ripped them away from their families to share with them their youth then throw them to the shelters when they are middle aged. The greatest honor I got to witness this past year was when I got to hold my sweet Lucy as she was met with death. I would hold her in my arms forever again if I could just nuzzle my face in her fur. She was my best friend and I still cry when I think of her. There is not much I wouldn’t do for even now when she has moved so far past me I can’t hold onto her anymore. A cat by any other name is still my heart. I can’t believe where once she was mine, without her here I believe I may just fall apart.

The Tale of Two Chins

The story of two chins gives us hope in the way that things are supposed to be. I hope that they will find happiness in being with each other in a way that being a beloved pet of human can never fully bring or be.

The Life We Live

What I wouldn’t give to have somebody I can share my secrets with. My heart literally beats right out of my chest. My animals are my salvation and they are my saving grace. They remind me how it feels to be loved and adored. Watch the way they look up at you and wait for you to sit down. They are the first to want to sit beside you and get a hug or too or even maybe a pet. They don’t care if you are still in your pajamas or if you forgot to wash your face. All they want is you in that moment and that is a feeling you will never be able to forget or erase.

One Day

This world hurts without you and I look for you in everything I do. Is this a sign from you sweetness. I need to know that you are safe and sound on the other side. It kills me to think that I delivered that final blow. I close my eyes to hear your breath in my ear. How I miss the sweet breath of your smile. There is so much life around me that for a minute it no longer hurts. Then I remember how sweet you were and how you are never coming and the wave of emotions just threatens to take over once again. I know I loved you the moment I saw you and you were my heaven brought to life. Even now I close my eyes to feel you because I am scared I will forget one day what you feel like.

My descent into madness…

I never thought that one day I would be that crazy old blue haired lady but what do you know here I am living that dream lol

To Foster With Love

The decision to foster is not one to be take lightly.  To say it will impact your whole family is an understatement. Not to mention that furry lil being that needs some stability in their lives.  If we are lucky we will know some of their history, their background, how they came to be.  This…

Tips for the Fundraiser (Don’t take things to personally)

The greatest tragedy of all is the way that we treat each other. I have been spending extensive time out in the community as well at home and I can see that the behaviour that seems to be plaguing out nation is the exact same behaviour that I have been getting at home. Yesterday was…

Review: Grieving the Death of a Pet (by Betty J. Carmack)

“It is true we mourned, but it is also true we found comfort. Hear and trust the enduring wisdom of the scripture passage, “…Blessed are they that mourn for they will be comforted…”…a time to heal…a time for peace…(Betty J Carmack) For those that have been following you know that my journey to enlightenment began…