I am Weird

I am that weird one in this life that if I knew of you I want to honour you. My life is only blessed when I am able to see it through another’s eyes. I don’t believe I am worthy of anything other than what others have received and I would like to share what I have in order to help others believe. Not everybody is cool, crass and demented, there are those in your generally vicinity that just want to help you catch your breath in order for you to breathe.

Increasingly Desensitized

I thought about my son and how his school said the same thing and I thought we were in agreeance on what being medicated could even mean. It means that somebody in your general vicinity is getting tired of dealing with you so it would be easier for them if you became a zombie. No emotion. No fight as the person you became to love and know gets lost into the night. I wonder why it’s ok to stick up for my sons mood swings but it isn’t ok to stick up for me.

Authentically Yours and Mine to Let Go

I think that is why we should move towards kindness and all the things that we cannot see. We should move with promise and attention in the hopes that we can be all the things we were promised to be and not be distracted by all the things we can feel and probably never ever see. This is the true distraction that prevents us from being all that we can be. To live in our true image and to finally be able to authenticate oneself is what we should all strive for except for we are distracted by everything else.

Where We Began

Imagine having your life cut short for just wanting to embrace the being deep within. The strong sense of self that you wanted to experience while alive is the very same thing that gets on another being’s nerves. Who wins? Nobody should ever be made to feel inferior or that they can never measure up, but nobody has the right to feel irritated or offended for a being who is just trying to find their own and come into self.

A Hopeful Understanding

Death is here and it is always looking for us wonder whose time it is for them to come and take away. I wonder when that time comes for me if it will be slow or quick like ripping off a band aide. I can’t help but wonder then want to put more good vibes out into the Universe. All I want is the life that I promised for myself before I return to one day living out in the stars…I hope.

Not Like You

Why? We remember Anne Frank. We swear to her image that this kind of thing would never happen in our time. That we are better than those who lived before us but are we? Look at what we are allowing to be done. So ya. I am not like you. I am not like any of you that think you are better than this space of time we find ourselves in. I can’t live so superficially when those who share this time with me or suffering I need to find a way to help others get their heads out of the sand. Yes finding your identity is one thing but can we do it at the expense of another human life? I know the answer to that question already it is the your answer that I fear.

The Bad Man

I want to tell you why it is important to live your life like nobody is watching and why so many of us or incapable of doing just that. Or when we start to gather a crowd around us we allow it to go straight to our heads and start engaging in deplorable acts and things. This small BC town girl never waivered for a minute even when the man came calling for her early on.

Archaic Behaviour

We want to be remembered as being the most beautiful or at the very least acquiring all the most things. How incredibly archaic but it speaks volumes to the pharaohs that used to rule their land. They allowed millions upon millions of people to sacrifice their whole lives in order for another to take all their material possession’s to the grave. They didn’t want to leave them behind for anybody all to acquire, no. They had to try and take it all with them letting their own selfishness light up the night sky like a beacon. Those temples to the sky are an immediate example in the first sight of humans that began to live wrong. Of course millions were scorned with this heavy life sentence never knowing how freedom can feel when it is coursing through their veins. That was the example we followed and used it to fuel the wars that were beginning to lit up in our brains. We can take what we want and use a heavy hand all that truly matters is that we are courageous enough to stand tall where we stand. Look at the statues of our founding fathers, covered in accusations of bigot behaviour and abuse that is still running rampant long after they were laid to rest in their graves.

The Devil Made Us Do It

The Devil is alive in each one of our hearts as he is the one in our ear whispering search for greener pastures and scorn all your friends and family. That nothing will feeling quite as good as laying flat on your back or upgrading your partner as we continuously search for a better life. Why be gracious when you can be self serving?

Going To War

As sick as this is and how heart breaking it sounds you ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS have to look out for you and yours. As awful as what is happening in this world the higher ups and make it end. They have enough money among 3 of them then the rest of us left on this planet and combined. Ask yourself why are you going to keep on breaking your back for those that would never give a thought about you. I know who was there for me do you?