Living in Vain

We were handed the greatest gift of life and rather to embrace the journey that unfolds in front of us we have allowed man to pervert it in everyway.

Closer to the Truth

I was becoming social media obsessed. In some ways I think we all are.  We tie ourselves to our cell phones like something incredible might happen that we need to know immediately. Imagine all those lives before us that never knew the instant connectivity like we do today. Think of the Titanic sinking. How long…

Shadows of Our Past

Time and the haunting way it mimics our fears, taunting our reality and permeating our dreams. To think in this moment and in just this moment makes no sense. It seems to be the only point in time that matters but the reality of it all is lost on the frantic mind. To think into…

Fearless in my Wonderlust

The way we intimidate our minds makes us our own greatest bully. The greatest accomplishment we can muster of all time is when we believe in ourselves continuously. Nothing great ever came out of a mediocre man. We only have to look out into the mainstream to see this as being true.

To Succeed or To Survive

Our entitled privilege let’s us believe that this will passover. We survived plagues, economic collapse and World Wars why couldn’t we survive this? Yes we as humans will survive but our compassion towards each other is dying.

Further Feed My Madness

We are so much more than death than we can ever realize. We have the choice of which directional path we want to run on. Remember though to harm another is to harm yourself so in essence you haven’t learned a thing.

Mother Nature’s Course Correction

In times of madness we can see our true colours begin to fly. We are ignorant to those that are in are presence as we can only keep in mind one thing … our desire to survive. We sell our souls to the devil at the first sign of mania and never look back. With…

Think of Me Too

I remember when I was a young girl. So curious with the World around me. Looking for answers and reasonings for what was and going to be. Thinking back I can’t remember how old I was but I remember asking my mother what happened to us when we died. Maybe it was because a pet…

The Three Gates to Self Destruction

For those of you who know my storey already know that I am convinced that something divine happened to me that day my son breathed his first breath. I wanted to say born but the fact is he was cut from my body. For whatever the reasons that I will never be entirely sure of…

The Biggest Lie Ever Told

No wonder why it is the biggest lie ever told and why some who be want to keep us from uncovering the truth. That a greedy man more consumed with wealth and power wanted to destroy our creator.