Day 15: Drink Only Water

Every single thing that breathes needs water and here we are disguising it in every shape and form to fulfill our needs. We don’t like our reality and the way we perceive it? Let’s numb the pain and tell a story that suits us best and leave it to those in our company to figure out the rest. The farther you come from that reality the worse off you will find yourself. Unless of course you are the 1% of wealth that leers down on top of us then this stress will never find you.

Forgiveness of Man

If only we can heal each other’s pain and maybe take it all away. Maybe for an eternity or maybe we can extinguish it for good. I know I am tired of hearing about the nightmares although I am no longer entirely surprised. To live in a time that we have given up on trying to understand or to say to those that have travelled you are forgiven for you were only a man.

Women? Saviour or Death?

It was often written about the birth of children being the release of hellhounds onto the Earth. Think of all the ways we have failed our children. We have allowed them to be victimized by each other in forms of torture they have no business knowing. Is it because we have been so consumed with trying to have the biggest, the best, the newest that we forget all about good manners and common sense.

Tortured Past of the Present

If I keep my truth inside these walls to live another day will they finally be strong enough to stand and withstand the wrath of fury that is sure to be there waiting to greet us in it’s place? I am furthest from arrogant as I leave all that I thought I knew for something that was born inside me while I sleep. The only truth that I nurture now is safely tucked asleep. Away from the tortured past of the present that threatens to awaken our dreams.

A Union of Love or Sacrifice

“No happier post than this I ask, To live her laureate all my life. On wings of love uplifted free, And by her gentleness made great, I’ll teach how noble man should be To match with such a lovely mate” “There are rules for all our actions, even down to sleeping with a good grace….

Living in Vain

We were handed the greatest gift of life and rather to embrace the journey that unfolds in front of us we have allowed man to pervert it in everyway.

Closer to the Truth

I was becoming social media obsessed. In some ways I think we all are.  We tie ourselves to our cell phones like something incredible might happen that we need to know immediately. Imagine all those lives before us that never knew the instant connectivity like we do today. Think of the Titanic sinking. How long…

Shadows of Our Past

Time and the haunting way it mimics our fears, taunting our reality and permeating our dreams. To think in this moment and in just this moment makes no sense. It seems to be the only point in time that matters but the reality of it all is lost on the frantic mind. To think into…

Fearless in my Wonderlust

The way we intimidate our minds makes us our own greatest bully. The greatest accomplishment we can muster of all time is when we believe in ourselves continuously. Nothing great ever came out of a mediocre man. We only have to look out into the mainstream to see this as being true.

To Succeed or To Survive

Our entitled privilege let’s us believe that this will passover. We survived plagues, economic collapse and World Wars why couldn’t we survive this? Yes we as humans will survive but our compassion towards each other is dying.