Becoming Blonde

At first I thought I was going to have to wear scarves to cover up my leopard spotted hair. Remember before I was always told that blonde would never be a color I could consider in this world. Where every brunette before me was up against a force I realized the power that a bottle of peroxide could actually hold. My one regret is not doing it sooner so I could have capitalized on my youth but what I have is kahuna sized balls to live a life that. However contemplating over facts for a minute I can not help to note that those that I adore from that time who chose to go blonde never got a chance to make it to middle age. Is that where maybe I can step and help others love themselves as they begin to turn old and grey.

Stay Tuned (The Best is Yet to Come)

Coming of age in an on-line era is not for everybody but is something we all most do. Where once we had social gatherings to comfort us like blankets we now have had to leave our dependency in the sow seeds behind glassed doors. My Dad always used to say don’t put your eggs all in one basket spread them around.

Lemon of The Day

The moral of the story is to still believe in yourself like nobody else is going to because nobody else is. I can not explain to you what I great honor it was to be crowned the first EVER Miss Lemon of the Day. I love this title so much because it represents positivity and hope and it shows that my community believes in me and sees me that way to be recognized as their top squeeze xx

Pin-Ups a Representation of All Woman

Sometimes you got to dig deep and have a little hope and a lot of faith that somewhere along the way you will feel a sense of purpose. Sometimes we try so hard to impress other people or live to other people’s expectations that it becomes almost impossible to find any sort of happiness.  That spiral…

The Creating of My 46 Second Pin-Up Video

What do you find easier to answer? Tell me what you like about yourself? Or tell me about what you don’t like about yourself. Do you fixate upon the physical characteristics as a means to define you or do you look inwards to what is your true reflection. I guess for me it is at the…

“Don’t Confuse Self-Improvement with Self-Remodeling.”

My weakness has always been my ability to cry at the drop of a hat. I used to get called so many names. Even my family would roll their eyes and make fun of me as being too emotional and my favourite is when I was being told to grow up. I was always apologizing for feeling things. Like feelings are invalid. I learned to cry behind closed doors. That is if I could wait that long. Being called a baby when you feel sad that soembody else’s heart hurts is the worst feeling.

Diary of a Mom

I am not one to start my morning by poking a sleeping bear but that is what had to be done. Imagine as well that the same bear just got home at about 12:30 am (son as well for that matter) and now here I am the bearer (lol) of  bad news that it was time to get up. My son awoke as well but after some cuddles and a nappie change he managed to fall back to sleep in my lap. For those of you moms out there you know that feeling of just unimaginable peace as the piece of your heart that beats out of your chest is finally content and sleeping peacefully…

Through Rose Coloured Glasses

It is never to late to let your guard down and love like it is the first time. In fact it is the first time. The first time in this moment, in this mindset, in this lifetime. Every moment from here on out is an opportunity for something great and to fall in love for the first time all over again.

The Good, The Bad of Pagentry

Don’t you think we could get alot more done together than tearing each other down. Constantly we bash and rip each other apart. Makes me want to dig in even more and say uh what are you talking about.