Natural Instinct or Will to Survive

The real conspiracy and our real fear should stem from the fact that as a society we are so fragmented that what is now happening will forever and always be out of our control. We were lead down a path where we believed that filling our own selfish heart with wanton desire and wants would…

Political Turmoil

This just seems to be a general circus act made for the amusement of all our foreign neighbours. Why would anybody take Canada seriously when this is our portrayal to the World. Political or not we will remain in a country divided in turmoil until we truly do become the land of the free and listen to those that we share this country with. We all have a voice we shouldn’t be affraid to use it. A country united is truly the only way to live where we can all be happy.

The Death of a President… (and the assasination of our future)

We have learned nothing from the tragedy that unfolded that day. As citizens of what some say is the free world we still allow the assasination of those destined for greatness. It is like the fear of success is something we will never understand so it must be killed.

The Truth is Out There Isn’t It?

Do you feel that you are free to explore a life free of limitations and social pressures or do you feel this constant threat and pressure to always “fit in”.

The Mass Shooter: Our newest evil

With the rise of fentynal our youth needed another evil to rob them of their innocence…enter the Mass Shooter. These boys seem to fit the same mold yellowy/white colored dweebs that almost look like they havent seen the sun, gym or shower in months. Forgive me for saying these things but only a coward would…

10 Character Traits of Great Leaders

With all that is going on around the world you would think that there should be more pressing news than Donald Trump. Waking up to yet again him behaving like nothing more than a spoiled 2 year old (and this I know mine is getting nearer to that age) it makes me wonder what is…