Victorious or Spoiled?

I find it incredibly surreal that we are celebrating a victory that to me doesn’t seem like a win for humanity at all. Was it the lesser of two evils. Time will surely tell but what is evident to all is there is major decision and unrest to be had as half of the nation is angry of the outcome. That doesn’t say much all things considered.

Corrupt Power and the Continuation Within

Since my passion for reading has exploded I have read just over 60 books this past year. That┬ánumber seems so small when you think of all the literary minds that have graced us with their presence throughout time. To capture a snapshot of what life was like for them during the time that they existed…

Political Turmoil

This just seems to be a general circus act made for the amusement of all our foreign neighbours. Why would anybody take Canada seriously when this is our portrayal to the World. Political or not we will remain in a country divided in turmoil until we truly do become the land of the free and listen to those that we share this country with. We all have a voice we shouldn’t be affraid to use it. A country united is truly the only way to live where we can all be happy.

A Conspiracy Seen Through a Fresh Set of Eyes

From the outside looking in I am just a housewife. A mother of an almost 2 year old that doesn’t have much time for free thinking…or do I. My passion to explore the lives of those that have lived before us comes from a desire to learn the truth. It isn’t so much of accepting…

Profiles in Courage by JFK

“And it is when his regard for himself is so high that his own self-respect demands he follow the path of courage and conscience that all benefit” (Pg 259) There is no more time pressing then the present for us to raise our political standards. More than to the standards that we impose on our…