A Modern Day Princess

Where most people have struggles I just want to help them out. It is hard to know who is there for you in a world that is growing so cold. My whole life I thought what would I do if I was able to help. I now know what I can do is encourage other people to reach out. I think that is what makes it so easy to want to identify myself as being extremely feminine. A portrayal of a woman, a wife, a mother who would do anything for those she loves most in the world.

Am I Spoiled? (or do you just ask the wrong people)

I live my life like today was my last no matter who I find myself surrounded by or who could potentially enter the room. That is what makes me lucky. That inherent sense of self worth. The idea that I am just as worthy as any being as long as I live organically and stand by a sense of morals and truth. I don’t need validation anymore from those that will never understand. Am I spoiled, lucky, or just insistent on living my best life like this would be my last day on Earth. I know what dying feels like just like I know what it feels like to come back. There are those that we keep close to us that are just counting the time before we say our final goodbyes. Good people are felt and not heard like so many people think. I don’t mind sitting in the shadows to wait for an entity that feels good instead of constantly diluting my own self worth.

Safe Space

Dance like no one is watching to the music in your heart and in the first time in a long while take a deep, cleansing breath and exhale. We have all had a lot of one on one time, depending on where you reside in the world, and coming out the haze on the other side we either like who we have become or we detest our own being. Either way this is who we have defined ourselves to be. We have either grown content in living a lie or we have found a way to embrace our truth. The road may have been difficult but once out the other side things don’t seem all that bad.

Day 16: Wear Something That Makes You Feel Good

What if we could be more confident in our demeanor knowing that others feel the same expectations as we do and their is safety in numbers instead of walking all destitute and alone? We are only as strong as our greatest ally who should always these days be unnamed. One being the image that defines you and the other tries desperately to carry on your name. Neither one knowing of the other as we dress to cover our mood instead of dressing to make ourselves feel good rarely can both images be seen in the same room.

Through Daisy’s Eyes

Payphones were a real thing back in high school. You needed a quarter to call anyone and even more if you needed to call out of town. We weren’t up each others asses like we are now and maybe that is why we are less gracious when it comes to the big picture. With life at our fingertips it is easy to forget what brings us to life. I suppose it becomes easier when we are able to slow down and see it from another’s eyes.

Finding My Way Home

I have spent so much time trying to understand my own morality. It is all consuming when you start obsessing with the meaning and life and the possibility of straying off course. With so much going on in the World around us it is almost impossible to have faith that everything is unfolding the way…

Behind the Scenes of My Face of Daisy Interview (and other ramblings)

When it happened he was like a bat out of hell terrorizing the place. I mean it was complete and utter chaos. Bruiser started howling, Latte was barking, my son was now into my make up and it was like everything I needed had magically disappeared.  I kinda laughed as the minutes ticked down and just decided to let it play out the way it was going to. Look for what I needed. Put on what I found. Laugh at my hair as it just had this possessed mind of its own. The old me would have been reduced into tears. The mom in me just laughed. All this chaos and all I could think was no matter what happens this is all an incredibly journey.

Book Review: The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle by Jim Rohn

My first introduction with this book was my birthday weekend when my Aunt came to visit. She in fact but three books to help with my path of self discovery and enlightenment. Although small in stature (just over 100 pages), I had put it to the side in order to finish the collection of books…

It All Begins When you Believe

Sitting her watching NetFlix, and ya I am feeling kindof chill.  Sipping on some coffee, scrolling through faceback and listening to the rain hit the window.  It is another gloomy day here in AB but I can’t help to smile.  It not because of the cat on my pillow, the doggy at my feet or…

10 Reasons to Particpate in a Pin-Up Event!

This past weekend we drove the 14 hours to partake in Pin-Up festivities with the lovely dolls from West Coast Pin-Ups. That is the only reason why I haven’t had access to my blog in a few days.  Not only did I forgo bringing my laptop on this trip but I was also way to…