A Cold World

We are more than selfish in the way we conduct ourselves and you can see it in our holier than though perception of things. We believe it is enough as long as it is not happening to us and provide just enough comfort to make it seem like we aren’t vain.

With No Remorse

Imagine how it would feel to be living on the other side. Forget your friends beside you I am asking you to own your thinking and free will. Instead of being weak and controlled by others stand tall and feel what’s right. You have to imagine a life where you are hunted by those that believe are superior to you.

Stop Breeding Hate

I hate what it means to be human. At least by today’s definition. Freedom doesn’t exist anymore because we all feel entitled to so much more. As civility crawls out the window another child takes their last breath. They cite the things we want to hear. The things that make our blood boil. We thought we found our ally. Wait is that a bullet in my back?

Can We Ever Make Amends?

don’t see how we have made any progress. We have those who force their opinion down your throats and if you don’t agree with what they say then you are the devil. Everything you do is blasphemy in their eyes. How can this be? All I care about is trying to repair the grievous fractures in our timeline.

The Moral High Ground

Of course I do not avoid any topic and I cross many genres which lead me to read “Between the World and Me”. It is a book about the misuse of power that rules like an iron fist and leaves a whole race scrambling out of fear.

The Beast Within

They were denied opportunities because of who one person dictated they were. POWs from all over the World were beaten, tortured, gassed in a desperate attempt to eliminate the enemy but the true enemy was the beast that lay within. The beast that makes you believe that your existence is far superior. That beast that will do anything to win.

The Good, The Bad and the Coyote Ugly

You can’t deny that there is something to be learned from every human life that has ever been in existence. There has to be a reason for every single breath because without that reason we all become obsolete. Inside each one of us is this tremendous opportunity for another life, another existence, another purpose. In…

Three Sides (the formula for complete annihilation)

Each and every one of us had our finger on that trigger before those shots actually rang out. We have this underlying desire to kill off anybody who is different than us. Anybody who dares to live in their own true authenticity we feel threatened. Pull yourself in again.

The Humility in Being Human

We all have those thoughts oh it will never happen to me. We engage in reckless behaviour because it is always somebody else who finds trouble and not me. We downplay the risks involved because we want to fit in. The mold of others that we try to cram ourselves into will never be in…

The Drawn Out Line

To be honest. When I started this journey about 500 posts ago…I know can you believe it has been that many. In the beginning I didn’t post so regularly but now it is part of my daily 3’s.  I wanted to feel like my life still had substance, a meaty existence. Something that would stick…