The Good, The Bad and the Coyote Ugly

You can’t deny that there is something to be learned from every human life that has ever been in existence. There has to be a reason for every single breath because without that reason we all become obsolete. Inside each one of us is this tremendous opportunity for another life, another existence, another purpose. In…

Three Sides (the formula for complete annihilation)

Each and every one of us had our finger on that trigger before those shots actually rang out. We have this underlying desire to kill off anybody who is different than us. Anybody who dares to live in their own true authenticity we feel threatened. Pull yourself in again.

The Humility in Being Human

We all have those thoughts oh it will never happen to me. We engage in reckless behaviour because it is always somebody else who finds trouble and not me. We downplay the risks involved because we want to fit in. The mold of others that we try to cram ourselves into will never be in…

The Drawn Out Line

To be honest. When I started this journey about 500 posts ago…I know can you believe it has been that many. In the beginning I didn’t post so regularly but now it is part of my daily 3’s.  I wanted to feel like my life still had substance, a meaty existence. Something that would stick…

My White Privilege

May 24, 2020. Was just another day of us trying to get ahead of the COVID curve. The media was full of all sorts of hype and just like all the days before it the sunset like it always did.  Who knew that in a mere 24 hours the world as we knew it would…

My Sister’s Son

One of the most beautiful hearts I know had this to say, ” They stole us from our country. You don’t have to worry about your son getting shot in the streets or hung and never coming home.”

We Are the Definition of Insanity

If a police officer has murdered a man in broad day light after taking an oath to serve and protect then I think this is obvious. Bring back the death penalty or make him rot in jail. Nobody should know the ins and outs of the law than an officer. Make him pay like you would make us all!!!