Just Hold On

I try. I do try but some days I just feel tired, alone and more confused. I want to connect with somebody, anybody I even see true love and connections occuring among my pets. What would it feel like to be hugged by somebody who loved me or to press my lips up against another. My body craves physical intimacy and affection I don’t want to carry this feeling of not knowing back to my grave. What I would give to be woken by the rays of the morning sun lovingly wraped in my lovers embrace.

The Relentless Approach

My anxiety is crippling. I feel sick every time I move. I get sick often throughout the day. Mostly when he is berating me and trying to do everything to set me off. Does a partner purposely do everything in their power to watch a loved one fail? Today has felt like a doozy, at times I can barely breathe.

Narcissistic and Obsessed

My husband always says how lucky I am to stay home with these animals like I should be kissing his feet or something. He doesn’t understand the need for personal goals. He doesn’t understand the frustration that sets in when it takes 4 hours to write a blog piece because I am always running up and down the stairs. That no sooner as I sit down either the cats are fighting, the dogs are barking or our son is screaming for the channel to be changed.

Hope As Our Saviour

Guess some of you are thinking why the sudden change? Like many it came when my husband is sitting home for 10 days until he gets the all clear after showing signs of COVID. So like so many of us in confinement we are stuck at home with our spouses. I already knew that for…

Domesticly Hunted

There are some cats that you just should never let out of the bag. You know secrets. Well not really secrets but factual knowledge that you aren’t privvy too. Facts that you probably shouldn’t have been searching for but it’s hard not to. Sometimes I wish I could just have bliss living in my own…

The Breakup

In today’s modernized world it seems that the Breakup is the greatest contingency plan that we all carry in our back pockets. Afraid to committ, afraid of not getting our way, afraid of losing who we are…are the one of millions exscuses we get when our significant other moves on. In some cases we are…

Trouble in Paradise

I just don’t feel like being sick should be an exscuse to treat each other poorly. When it comes to him sometimes he just gets right under my skin like a burning rash that won’t go away. The smallest little irritance become the hugest deal in the world. For example, I know he’s tired and…