Libido Done Well over Credo Done Right? (and other prime minster concerns)

I always talk about what if I was Prime Minister. If I was Prime Minister I would donate that house they live in to charity. Make it into a museum and preserve our heritage our history. Like a time capsule frozen in time. Get my Winnebago and my pets and hit the streets. Politics was supposed to be for the people.

The Unseen Sacrifices

Rolling over on our king size bed I saw the clock was 4am…Tons of time to sleep. I periodically get up at this time and catch up on my reading or cleaning. You know for those incredibly long days when your baby is up all day teething and sick and there was just no time…

The Darkness

When do you decide to finally leave all the negativity behind? What happens when the person you were born to love and respect becomes the darkness you were trying to avoid? What if the darkness was keeping them from seeing the world around them? The fear of finally being able to let go or just…


This will most definetly be the hardest post I think I have written to date. It’s hard because I have to acknowledge a problem that I have been hiding from the world. It is more embarassment because of what people will think but it also crushes my soul because I am so at a loss….