Dearest Diary…

The passage of time seems to pick up speed the further along the journey I go.  The wave of nostalgia overcomes me as something reminds me of who I used to be.  The memories grow stronger the more in tune I become with who I am.  Hesitanting ever so slightly when I catch my breath […]


War within Us

How do we know what battles to engage in and which ones to passively let by. Do we engage in the ones that affect the heart, mind or soul? Do you engage in nothing and just live at Peace? Can we truly live at Peace if we are battling a war amongst ourself? When do […]


Why Pinup?

Alot of people always wonder how did I decide that I wanted to live a pinup lifestyle. It started simply at first…a love for fashion. A love for standing out in a crowd and being able to bring a smile to those paths you cross. People remember you. Which is an odd thing to say […]